How to promote a paid iOS app to increase downloads ?

The app is featured in the Best New App section in some European countries, but has poor visiblity in USA where I think it could have the best market.


Your best bet to get traction quickly in USA is to advertise on mobile ad networks. You may need to advertise on CPM/CPC basis instead of CPI if you have a paid app so make sure you understand your user lifetime value and watch conversion rates closely so you don't overspend.

That said, depending on what your niche/vertical is, there are many other ways to market non-gaming apps.

Answered 11 years ago

Use a combination of mobile network ads, Facebook ads and keyword changes in your app to help discovery . You want to give your app a push up the higher rankings and let iTunes take care of the rest, once you are up there.

If you get up there and downloads drop when you stop advertising, something needs to change in your app to make it sticky.

Let's hop on a call for more in depth action steps.

Answered 11 years ago

My recommendation is to get the app reviewed by several of the well known bloggers like:

Your short term goal would be to get 20 to 25 reviews on blogs and online media sources.

As well run 2 to 3 major press releases in regards to your application and how folks use it.

Great low cost marketing should always be done with high quality advertising and done together you will gain the kind of traction you are looking for.

Answered 11 years ago

Growth hacking is the technique that is used by the App developers to get popular induce downloads. The quality of your app should be good enough to keep the users engaged, else they will uninstall it.

Growth hacking is a combination of Marketing and Engineering. You may learn more about it by searching online. I would like to encourage you to setup a call with me to understand in a quick and better way.

All the best. Thanks for reading.

Answered 7 years ago

My recommendation would be to focus on ASO, through localized ASO you will be able to capitalize not only on the Euorpean demand, while also tapping into the US market.

Another well known strategy I've successfully employed in my app portfolio for premium paid apps is to rotate them from paid to free, delivering a massive amplification in downloads and then rotating back into paid. If you have built-in in-app purchases you can also explore the freemium route in more competitive markets.

I've built an app empire of 200+ apps so have some solid frameworks for exploiting the organic traffic available in the app store, which can be complimented by paid activity.

I'd be happy to jump on a call to discuss some activity you could get running immediately to boost your downloads.


Answered 9 years ago

For paid apps, one of the most effective ways to increase the downloads is offering time-limited discount. During a certain period, you offer users some discounts when they use some services of your app on the condition that they share your app to their friends and colleges.

Another efficient way is cooperating with influencers. Influencers are individuals with the power to influence the buying and engagement decisions of a certain group of people. Leveraging the power of influencers can be the best way to drive mass amounts of traffic to your app.Developing honest, authentic, and mutually beneficial relationships with influencers will go a long way in helping to promote your app.

Get Featured On The App Store
Pople give much more trust to offical recommendation, if your app get featured on the App Store, the download rates would be much higher. By following the follow tips, there is a great chance your app will be get featured on the App Store :
· Use Latest iOS Features
· Make your App Universal
· Localize your App
· Make a Unique App(Visual Design)
· Get Good Reviews and High-star Ratings
· Update your App Regularly
· Know Apple Well
· Build a Relationship with Apple
· Provide Customer Support

Data shows that about 95% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, and most people prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews( Then you should get positive reviews to increase the download rates.

Hope those methods are useful to u.

Answered 7 years ago

There're several ways to choose from, depending on what your app is all about. Without the finer details available, following broad methods can be explored, while if more functional details were available it would have helped to illustrate how each one of these can actually be implemented in a variety of ways across functions and features, and one can get really creative with this stuff:

- Viral marketing campaigns, which could be a long list of ways involving a number of popular social media platforms (max potential for getting extremely creative here)
- Advertising campaigns; ATL/BTL and across various channels, some at a cost, some free
- Operator tie-ups and collective promotions, yet more effective in cases where revenue-share model becomes feasible and lucrative for either party
- Cross-promotion; dig for providers that offer your target user related offerings, collaborate with them for 'I promote you, you promote me' opportunities OR draw out an imaginary construct of your target users' daily lives around places they go and things they & make your promotion's presence felt around those avenues and things effectively

This all being only about ways to promote, there could be other reasons related to your app itself (technical or ease-of-use related, and others), which could be directly/indirectly reasons why your app is not getting its due.

There could be problems unfathomed. Make sure that you are able to track those and correct, by using metrics and KPI around app functions and usage across different parts of the app, size, stability, and a whole list of things. A negative word can counter the effects of tons of your positive promotions - go even dig the internet for anything and everything on your app.

Answered 7 years ago

What happens when an app is promoted well is told in INDIA. Take the three transaction apps Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, etc. More Indians used their mobile phones to make payments and to transfer funds in June, than in any previous month since the Reserve Bank of India started recording such data in July 2011. l of 1.66 billion transactions worth Rs 5.99 lakh crore were processed by various mobile-based banking and payment applications in June, at a time when most bank branches were either shuttered or operating with reduced strength, according to the latest RBI data.
Volume and value of transactions in June is significantly higher than mobile transactions recorded in February — before the pandemic — when 1.42 billion transactions worth Rs 5.25 lakh crore were processed. The previous record for most mobile banking transactions in a month was in July 2019, when 1.17 billion transactions worth Rs 5.33 lakh crore were processed, the central bank data showed. These transactions include those made through mobile apps such as Google Pay and PhonePe under the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) railroad, Paytm and Amazon Pay for e-wallets and banking apps such as SBI Yono and Kotak 811, among others. In June, only 430 million card transactions worth Rs 1.05 lakh crore were processed both on debit and credit instruments issued by banks.
Thus, promotion of an app, (paid or unpaid) is very important to make it a huge success, so here are few ways in which you can promote your app:
1. Define your landing page: Make a simple and clear introduction of your app—one sentence should suffice. Get inspiration from Tinder, which is one of the best example out there right now.
2. Start a blog: Regular updates on a topic that focuses on your core service makes you a niche expert, and perhaps worth downloading!
3. Use social media: But do it wisely; too many people think copy and pasting a link is enough. Engage your audience. Be interesting. Tease. Intrigue. Make yourself click-worthy and share-worthy. Be creative about your intro text. Mashable does this very well.
4. Use teasers: Create a teaser landing page before the app launches and collect beta subscribers via an email submission field.
5. Create a video intro to your app: This is something you should be careful with. Creating a video for your app should only be an option if you have proven your app’s concept, you’ve gained some traction, and you’re sure that you have a winner. You would not want to spend a lot of money to produce a video for an app that has changed three times since it launched. If you feel ready for this step, check out Sandwich Video for inspiration.
6. Pitch tech blogs: This is a tough one. While you think you have got the most awesome app launching tomorrow, others might be less impressed. Do not despair. Make a list of contacts, email them your perfect pitch, and hope for the best. Note: Do not stalk these editors, they get tons of pitches regularly and if they are interested, they will contact you.
7. Ask for app reviews: Besides the big tech blogs, there are tons of app review sites. I run one of them, Mevvy, but there is tons more. Here is a list of the best app review websites, but don’t stop digging for more. Even though you want the whole world to know about your app, try to stay relevant.
8. Contact writers in the niche: This is one of the most effective techniques out there. If you find people who care to write about [insert your niche here], then they might want to write about your awesome solution, too! Again, do not be pushy—you don't want to burn bridges with influential writers.
9. Use Disqus or other content discovery tools: Remember that blog I mentioned earlier? Be sure to plug in your Disqus channel. It helps tremendously in getting the word out and drives traffic back to your blog or website!
10. Contribute to the online conversation: If you read news and articles on other websites, and the site uses Disqus, leave a non-self-promotional but valuable comment. This way you’re building your expert level on multiple ends.
11. Create and share interesting infographics: Use a tool like to create an infographic, and then share it with writers, bloggers, and via social media.
12. Apply for app awards: There are tons of organizations that give prizes to new, innovative applications for their functionality, design, and so on. Research these contests online and apply to those you think you are a good contender for.
13. Talk to one user at a time: This is extremely crucial. In the beginning your primary goal should be user retention rather than user acquisition. If you manage to form a small group of users that provide essential feedback to help you validate your app’s purpose, and get them to remain loyal, then you’ve got the biggest hurdle behind you. In general, no matter what stage you are at, seek a direct conversation with a user. Ask them questions, listen to their critiques, offer help, make them happy. There is nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing.
14. Offer a helping hand: Not everything you do has to lead back to an app-download button. Find users who have a problem you can help with, offer advice, and become a little hero—the downloads will roll in later as a thank you!
15. Clearly define the problem your app solves: Make it a statement and use that to identify your target customers. Market your app to those people first.
16. Record a podcast: In your show talk about the problem your app solves (note: the problem, not the solution). The guys over at do this well, and host their own show on Soundcloud.
17. Start a community: Good places do this include Facebook (for online groups) and (for local groups). Surround yourself with people who care about the same things you do.
18. Host a giveaway: With a service like you can create special prizes and raffle them away to those who share your app, post about you, or complete other tasks.
19. Work hard on your ASO (app store optimization) strategy: You can optimize your icon, title, description, and screenshots to be found faster on official app stores.
20. Promote in all your communications: Include links to your app website, blog, and social media channels in your email signature. Use voicemail and let everyone who calls know what you are working on.
21. Become a speaker: Try to land public speaking engagements and share your wisdom at conferences, panel discussions, and presentations. Make it always about the problem, not your solution.
22. Host a contest: Tell your audience to complete a certain task and tag themselves with contest-specific hashtags on social media to follow the development. Reward the winners publically.
23. Post a job: I am not proud of this one, but it has always served its purpose. People will discover your app and your company as they are looking for their next mission in life.
24. Create a video channel on YouTube or Vimeo: Make sure to consistently post interesting content, be it “best of” series, development updates, industry news flashes, user surveys. or user content (big hint!). Always add your main hashtag and descriptive hashtags to maximize exposure on social media.
25. Hire a PR firm. PR work can be pricey but highly effective: Remember the Mailbox app and when it launched? It had half a million waitlist subscribers before it even came out. All the result of good PR.
26. Advertise: Book advertising space via on relevant websites.
27. Go offline and try guerrilla marketing: Remember that these campaigns are most effective in areas with a high concentration of your target customer. The cornerstones of a guerrilla marketing campaign are: 1. appear - 2. confuse - 3. clarify - 4. disappear. The clarification must be the genius part of your campaign!
28. Try out StumbleUpon’s paid discovery: StumbleUpon allows people to discover content they’d otherwise never find, based on their interests and browsing habits. It’s also cheaper than Facebook or AdWords ads.
29. Try AdWords, too: But only do so if you have your keywords down, and if you have some time each day to adjust your campaigns (yes, multiple) as needed.
30. Communicate with your circle: Let your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates know what you are doing. An occasional update will be enough, since friends and family are a lot less engaged in your activities than you might believe.
31. Offer discounts: If you are working with in-app purchases, offer them at cheaper prices on certain days, and let your users know via push notifications or your email newsletter.
32. Grow your subscriber list: Talking about that newsletter, keep collecting email addresses and grow your list. You will be happy to see the numbers growing and send your updates to thousands instead of dozens.
33. Give love to your critics: Retaining customers is 80% cheaper than acquiring new ones. Focus on those negative reviews, and reach out to users and help them solve their problem with your app. You can use for this.
34. Link in your business cards: Add a short code or a scannable code to your business cards so that people can download your app faster.
35. Find a partner: Can you team up with another app? Then do so! Cross-promote each other and show that you are not all about getting new users, but that you are a great collaborator.
36. Get featured in an “app of the day” contest: These types of contests are hosted by several app discovery services.
37. Give out swag: Think outside the box and deliver something that is relevant to your target audience. At Mevvy, we created screen cleaners and played off the world “tool,” as Mevvy was intended to be a platform to discover apps and tools for business and life. We distributed them in co-working spaces around Miami.
38. Encourage customer ratings: Ask your happy users to leave a rating on the app store —but keep it real! Customers can smell fake reviews from a mile away these days.
39. Put your app in the right spot: Choose your app keywords and your app categories very carefully. They will determine your ranking in those areas.
40. If applicable, create an invite system: Users who have the option between paying or inviting their friends are more likely to send out the invites. Remember Candy Crush?
41. Monitor your performance: Keep checking your analytics via AppAnnie or Flurry to understand how your users interact with your app. Draw new conclusions, prepare an action plan, execute, rinse, repeat!
42. Get noticed: Enter the “new and noteworthy” shelf on the app stores by trying to build relationships with the editors there. You might just have their next favorite app.
43. Become a guest blogger: Contribute to other websites and share your expertise. You’ll be allowed to put a link back to your app into your bio, that’s for sure!
44. Consider coupons: Find a coupon service that is relevant to your market and run a campaign. The best part is that you can track the outcome very easily through the coupon codes.
45. Re-engage users who have already installed your app: Google has launched a new initiative where you can run ads to drive users to open your app. Facebook does a similar thing now, too.
46. Run an ad campaign on Facebook: Get installs off people’s newsfeeds.
47. Create your own stamps: Customize the postage stamps you use for mail. Visit
48. Answer questions: Help others get the answers they need on, and use your app name in your author bio. Do not be shamelessly self-promotional; the community there does not like that.
49. Be noteworthy: That is, be funny, cool, or even shocking, and you have a chance to make it into Reddit.
50. Create a SlideShare presentation: Perhaps your presentation can help someone else in the development of a project and get you a few downloads along the way.
51. Help users promote your app: Add an in-app "tell a friend" feature so that your current users can share the app with their friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues. Incentivize this sharing feature by offering credits or discounts for every new subscriber someone brings onboard.
52. Exchange ad space with other mobile apps: Appsfire and AdMob are best known for this kind of service.
53. Join LinkedIn groups: Participate in discussions and comment on interesting content. Share your own when relevant.
54. Host an app launch party: Make it a fun and engaging experience. Invite your core users and some press.
55. Broadcast your event: Extend your launch party into the Internet and publish a live stream of it (if your app is meant to be international). Let people all over the world witness and participate in the fun!
56. Go old school: Although old-fashioned, do not forget about classified ads. An ad titled “Do you need a tutor for your child?” could be the perfect opening statement for your freelance teacher app!
57. Design wallpapers and posters that your users will love: Distribute them to those who will care to put them up and promote your app for you.
58. Have a logo stamp made: Get a customized stamp and cover your town with your app logo and slogan.
59. Offer free trials: If your app is paid, offer a free trial to collect potential user information. Then, reach out and enquire if they do not sign up for a paid plan. Build a relationship. Bring them in.
60. Try retargeting ads with AdRoll: Sometimes, people need to look twice. AdRoll helps you chase previous website visitors and bring them back to your app’s website.
61. Create app mini cards: Much like Starbuck's "song of the week" cards, you can have your own cards created with and distribute them in cafes and other local businesses.
62. Install a heat map on your mobile app: Analyse what content people care and don’t care about.
63. Contact your local community: If your app is meant to address a local community, consider a local mailout. A welcome card or letter is a great way to onboard new users.
64. Share interesting content on Pinterest: Just be sure to watermark your images with your app logo. Better yet, share that content on your blog first, and then upload those images from there. Users who really care will flow directly off Pinterest onto your website.
65. Give out promo codes: Users are much more likely to engage if they can save some money.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

Hello Otatade Okojie here you've just completed your paid ios App congrats. First of all just remember the old adage content is always king. The more content you provide that's of value, the more the algorithm on Google or any other platform heightens your profile. Great ways to promote your paid ios App is social media articles. Research Popular articles in your niche linked to your app, what headlines, hooks and content are going viral, can you create your own content capitalise on hook and sneak in a picture of your app.
With cool headlines?
How about? Hottest new apps sneak attack on the Market
Hot new app blowing consumers away
Hot app fueling hot gossip
Hot new app about to send the internet into a tail spin
Has Facebook met new competition?
Money Markets meet cash ready app?

Also you can write how to columns and tutorials on a freelance Magazine. Articles on how to design an app, step by steps, consistently recommending your app, keep a data capture form, and have people's info to sign them up freemium to your app. So you get their data , they are trialing the app for 30 days, 10 days, or so, yet either way, you still have their info so incase they forget, you have a way to cash in.

Have a newsletter, the newsletter has the same impact. To deliver a stream of content to inspire them to get familiar,get comfortable,allow you to capture their data on data capture forms, so you can either market multiple products to them, or get them on Freemium.

Share the app through your social media content,post the link in comments,groups, webinar groups, any groups you can. Do paid advertising.
Do a podcast a YouTube video
Go for viral content
Go for consistency
Request shares,ask familiar contacts like family, friends, colleagues to share with 5 to 7 people. Have each person share with 5 people.
Do marketing campaigns
Get influencers involved and if your not too cash strapped go for a digital marketing company.

Answered 2 years ago

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