What are some good construction equipment rental softwares to track inventory, location, and processes?


This is a great question. One of my associates works for a software company that is deploying an "in-house" solution for a major cement provider. The client had previously been working with commercial solution but quickly determined that a customized solution was more appropriate for their needs.

As I'm sure you've seen from a quick Google search, Tenna, Linxup, Verizon, CloudHawk, and Asset Panda are all fairly well regarded.

In your case, I think we would need to discuss the number of assets to be tracked, what preferences you have for tracking technology, and what additional information needs to be provided (since you had mentioned processes). From here, I'd be happy to do a commercial bid evaluation of existing solutions, as well as point you towards the costs of developing a customized solution built specifically for your solution.

Please let me know if I can help.

Jeremy Katusak, P.E.

Answered 5 years ago

Yo!Rent, a niche-specific equipment rental software, can be a great choice based on the advanced features and functionalities offered by the YoRent development team.

Being a specialized rental software Yo!Rent makes it the top recommendation for construction equipment or heavy equipment online business. Features offered by Yo!Rent includes:

a) RFQ Management
b) Equipment Inspection
c) Add-on Rental Services
d) Cancellation Module
e) Rental Security Management
f) Brand Management
g) Inventory Management
h) Product Reviews
i) Special Discounted Price
j) Discount Coupons
k) Reward points on Purchase
l) SEO features like Google Analytics, alt images, Bing Webmaster, Hotjar etc
m) More than 20+ third-party plugins
n) CSV import export
o) Content, email & SMS management
p) Live Chat
q) User Management
r) Commission management etc

Explore the complete feature list here:

These are some of the features and functionalities offered by YoRent, online rental software for all associate niches car rental, heavy construction equipment rental, vehicle rental, audiovisual rental, dress and furniture rental etc.

Why I think Yo!Rent is better than other construction equipment rental software not just because of the above-mentioned features and functionality but also because of the following offerings:

1) Yo!Rent is a fully customizable rental software
2) Yo!Rent is highly secure
3) Offers a lifetime license
4) Offers 12- months of free technical support
5) The software is easy to set up and manage
6) Offers Free installation
7) Have verified reviews as best rental software from its clients
8) There are case studies shared by the team on the website displaying the efficiency of the software

For more details, you must visit the website and explore more about Yo!Rent:

Answered 2 years ago

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