How can I find help for my film/tv industry startup?

AvailableApp is a management tool to help filmmakers easier for staffing and scheduling. I need help with business strategy, pricing, marketing, and growth.


The marketing strategy should include identifying filmmakers and where they are so that you can make them aware of the app. This could include attending film festivals, looking at online film related groups and identifying ways to share the details and offer product presentations. For example, I have been working to reach filmmakers and offer funding information. I'm attending Sundance Film Festival as one way to connect with and communicate the funding options and opportunities.

Answered 4 years ago

well i dont have any basic experience but i have living with people who have directed and produced many start its little bit difficult but time by time you will find it intresting. A film or drama can never be flopped if its done according to a specific plan with a good script. if you dont have stable financial condition you can still start it up with a little amount but it will require a plan. the drama and film industry grows second by second and its more easy in this era for there marketing. i can give you a perfect and good business strategy for that. you can call me

Answered 4 years ago

Hello, maybe you are looking for market's informations in order to make a business decision related to fil/tv industry. For these circumstances you can find not only someone who have worked for the industry, but you can also look up for researches in the academia (Universities), their information tend to be more complete, robust and systemic

Answered 4 years ago

The film/tv industry can be very challenging. I can help with a strategy that can help you with the pricing and marketing depends on the type of film/tv you are making. film festivals are a great way for your film to be spotted and in terms of tv.
Are you doing a single episode or more than one as this would affect what type of funding you would need I can give you a good business strategy you can call me

Answered 4 years ago

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