How can I find ideal clients for my development center?

Who are ideal clients for offshore development center to provide software or IT support services from India? How to find out their needs?


When looking for an ideal client the first step is to identify your ideal client profile.

For offshore development do you specialize in mainframe? Java? Java on mainframe? Web development?

Who is likely to use these services? Which large companies need that many developers?

Once you identify those companies then you can go on Hoover’s, LinkedIn and other places and network with EDs and MDs of large banks, healthcare companies, things like that.

The key is to offer specific values and benefits. Lots of labor, good value, excellent communication etc.

Address the issues the company is having. Benefits like reducing time to production, increased ROI from development etc.

To recap, you start by defining an ideal client, then you find out where they hang out online, then you talk to them about what’s happening in their business and how you can help.

Answered 5 years ago

An Offshore Development Center offers the benefits of effectively extending legs and arms for your organization without hiring talent. It also provides access to expert resources at reasonable prices, without having to hire them and incurring recruitment costs.

Organizations opt for offshore development centers for developing, testing and deploying software solutions and applications. An ODC acts as a remote counterpart to your in-house IT personnel.

Offshore development centre comes as an advantage in business situations where the task at hand is too small to be outsourced and non cost effective for in-house development. Not only does an offshore development centre help in this situation, it facilitates ready availability of resources as per your expectations at your disposal. It also offers the capability to wrap up all sundry tasks in a go.

Answered 5 years ago

don't find a expert find a fresher for your work . Reason for a fresher is really exited to develop your work because he/she learn new and they have much more excellent ideas ways to do something new and find the way to show their ability of what they actual learn and help you to launch or develop the things

Answered 5 years ago

I have had some real luck with freelance professionals via platforms such as Freelancer, PeoplePer Hour, Fiverr, etc. This is where I started out as a Freelance before starting my own businesses. My number 1 suggestion would be PeoplePer Hour. You will want to verify their experience and credibility, interview and hopefully offer them a contract all within this platform. On these platforms all payment, contracts and legal terms are handled via the site. It's a good place to start without committing to contracting out a third party company. You can search for professionals with keywords that match your project or you can post a job of your own that individuals will bid on and go from there.
Feel free to contact me for a call to discuss how to properly vet candidates, how to avoid scams and for some referrals of my favorite freelancers for your business.

Answered 5 years ago

Find clients through your workplace. Countless small businesses have been started by working professionals who a) moved from being employees of a company to being contractors or b) found a worthy client or two and absconded with them to form their own business. Find clients through business organizations. You will pick up more business this way than through any other method except perhaps referrals once you get known. If you are blessed with many friends and family that are always in your corner and ready to help if they can, let them. Advertise for clients.
You can read more here:
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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