How do you discover what your real marketable talent is and how to become successful at it?

This was something I struggled with early on. I didn't really know what would be my calling.

At first I thought there were some "logical" paths. So I started studying for med school, and even though I wasn't excited about it, it felt like it made sense.

After some really hard reflection I felt this wasn't the best path and just started meeting with everyone I could. People from every type of industry and asking them what they do.

Over time I would get very drawn in to certain conversations and I'd realize that I was getting excited imagining doing the work they were working on. This is what I call "the pull", that intuitive excitement that is initially really hard to explain. I followed that pull, ended up starting a company that went on to raise millions and impact thousands of peoples lives positively and haven't looked back since.

TLDR: Talk to as many people as possible. When you start to feel excited about something, follow that feeling wherever it leads.

Answered 2 years ago

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