How can I best monetise (and relaunch) an inherited eBay account with 7k+ reviews, 98% positive feedback and top seller status?

I do not currently have any products to sell.


I would start by introducing a highly valuable or consumable product with the lowest price point. In other words, choose a lower cost item, but something unique and valuable. If you have to, break even or keep the profits minimal. This will create a positive perception and may even drive your feedback higher. you may want to do a second or third product like this to really build momentum for future higher profit product introductions.

Answered 5 years ago

Here are some steps you can follow for relaunching and monetizing the account:
1)Research market demand by identifying popular product categories with high market demand.
2)Reviewing the feedback and ratings to understand the account's selling reputation.
3)Exploring various options for sourcing products.
4) Acquiring or creating an inventory of products to sell on eBay.
5)Regularly tracking sales, customer feedback, and market trends

Answered a year ago

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