I have a real passion for helping people in this area and currently do it for my friends , family and co workers. I always receive great feedback.

Step 1. Write 10 epic posts that mention the work of other well known influential people in your niche
Step 2. Reach out to these people and ask them if they'd give you their opinion on your posts. Get them to leave their opinion in the comments. Keep asking until you have at least 10 people who've left comments for you. They will also probably share you content on their social networks if it's good enough.
Step 3. Follow these people on Twitter. Find out who they follow, and follow them too. Start retweeting their tweets every day. Over time, they will start to know who you are.
Step 4. Syndicate your content onto other sites like Quora, Medium, and other high traffic sites that target the same niche as you.
Step 5. Use ManageFlitter to build your Twitter following. Reach out to more influencers on Twitter and ask if you can interview them. Most will agree. Publish these interviews and then promote the heck out of them. The people you interview will most likely also promote your posts.
Step 6. Repeat this process over and over and keep expanding your peer network via Twitter and LinkedIn.

This is how I grew my blog to 10,000+ visitors a month and it's still growing.

Answered 9 years ago

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