What are some different types of task management software?


If you're looking for a list of the software options out here, this is a fairly exhaustive list:

Personally I've used Jira, Trello, and Asana:

Jira: The established leader for more technical task management and is used by organizations big and small for agile software development. I would use this software if your work is technical in nature and you are mainly going to have developers, product managers, and/or designers touching these tasks. In my experience, Jira isn't as easy to use for "non-engineering" roles such as marketing, sales etc. and you could have low adoption trying to push this software to those groups.

Trello: Similar to Jira in its usage mainly for development work and not cross-discipline, but this software is a little lighter weight. This is great for smaller companies who have fairly simple projects they want to track across the engineering/product teams.

Asana: This software is a little simpler to understand for non-tech roles. I've used this well to help coordinate projects cross-division (projects that span multiple teams including non-technical teams like marketing, sales, customer support etc.). Great for keeping the team focused across discipline on each task necessary for larger projects.

Hope this is helpful.

Answered 5 years ago

There are many Task management software in the market, some very targeted towards the task delivery approach (Waterfall, Agile etc)
MS Project, Clarity, Clarizen, HP PPM are typical waterfall based software
Rally, JIRA, VersionOne, Asana, Smartsheets, etc for Agile

Question for you : Is it just the Task Management or are you looking for everything related to tasks (duration ,effort, resources etc). Based on the requirement exact software can be recommended

Answered 5 years ago

1. Trello

2. Placker

3. Asana

4. Wunderlist

There are several mind mapping and innovation management tools as well like MindJet.

Answered 5 years ago

Different task management platforms are available there and each one has its own unique identity. Some of the task management platforms widely used across the world are Trello, Asana, Wunderlist, etc. Personally, I use Trello, which is quite easy to use and manage. It allows you to create tasks and move the board based on its status. For me, task management plaftorms are really important to keep up-to-date with my work.

You can reach out to me for trello related information and more.

Answered a year ago

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