What is the sales funnel involved in pitching corporate retreats to companies?

How do you prequalify them? Can you just cold email/call? Do you get in touch with HR or someone else? What do companies look for in a corporate retreat?


Hi! Having sold a number of different products and services to companies ranging from one man operations to Fortune 500 companies I believe I can help you get some clarity, despite not being an expert on retreats.
First- I'm willing to bet you have more questions than you listed. Is that accurate?
Do you think it'd be easier to talk it through over a call?
If so, schedule a call, and I'd be happy to talk you through these questions and assist with your whole sales process, your funnel, and goals, as well as the tools and tactics needed. One key strategy is at the end of this answer.

We're missing some key info, including - What type of retreat you're trying to sell, what's the price point, who are the target companies, etc... which would definitely help.
Absent these answers, I'll do my best to address your questions.
- Design the sales funnel after you have a lot more information about your customer and their buying behavior. I’m happy to help with this over a call.
- Prequalifying depends heavily on a lot of different factors we don't have just yet, but here's some general sales insight. The two best pre-qualifiers are: A) can they afford your product/service and B) do they have both an actual and, more importantly, a perceived need for it?
- Should you cold call/email? YES! That’s an emphatic yes. You can and should cold call/email/follow/connect/DM your target customers!
-Who to contact will be something you learn quickly when you get some more info.
-As far as what companies look for in a retreat - I have guesses, but I’m sure you know that answer better than me. Better yet, let your customer answer that for you.

To wrap this up, I’d say there’s a key strategy that would benefit you greatly at this stage.

Do some Sales Dev. Find a number of companies (I’d suggest at least over 100) that you’d believe could be your customers and get the contact info for the key roles that you think would be Power Sponsors or Decision Makers- I can help you with this step if you’d like. The best next step would be to set up calls to get more information (not selling, yet!) and the second best would be to email them a survey/form(I can help you set this up if you need). The goal of this action would be to find your questions above plus get all the extra information that will help you sell. Sometimes just having a contributing voice in a yet-to-be-developed product or service is cool enough to the participant that they don’t need extra incentive. It’s typically best if you incentivize their participation with some type of value add. Examples a % discount off the service when it’s offered, pre-sale discount pricing, access to aggregated information that’s valuable to them, and sometimes even a starbucks or amazon gift card.

Please let me know if this helped. This sounds like a fun and interesting business. I’d love to help out.

Answered 5 years ago


I would say Email Outreach is a good input strategy for your funnel and HR or Business directors are your best bets.

a great sales funnel for this would be

1st level:
Being email outreach

2nd level:
A great visually stunning Landing page with a Facebook pixel

The 3rd level:
Re-marketing Ads to advertises to the interested people who click.

Hope this helps

Answered 5 years ago

I have used corporate retreats dozens of times for business lead generation with budget that would run into about a million dollars, and collectively thousands of attendees, and an ROI running into hundreds of millions of dollars of sales closures.

I have also attended and organised corporate retreats for company reviews, training, conferences, annual, and celebration events.

Retreats are also useful in a B2C scenario in addition to B2B. So this is a potential new market.

Before we look for sales funnel we need a proposition and what value will it add to the customer. We need to look at the market, competition, and customer personas.

Then we need translate this into marketing messages, campaigns and plans. We need to identify channels that will carry these messages to the customer, execute the plan, decide how will the response be handled. Cold emails, calls, call scripts etc. are but a small part of such a plan.

It is then that we step into the areas of a sales funnel.

I hope this gives a better idea of steps and processes involved.

I can help in above.

All the best.

Answered 5 years ago

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