How do I raise the needed capital/funds to kickstart a hybrid visibility face cap production?

My product/creation is a Hybrid Visibility Face cap; essentially designed to enhance your corperate/personal brand logo with HD visibility. Its ideal for Brand Marketing, Fashion, Style, Gifting, Kids IP licensing, Promo etc.


By learning how to be resourceful. Getting the money you need from the people who have it. Take a current look at your assets and if you can use them to secure funds. Look at your network is there people who may be interested in investing. Bootstrap, start a kickstarter, low interest business loan, competitions, get your early
adopters to pay prior to receiving your product.
Resourcefulness is a key factor to getting more money.

Answered 5 years ago

There are several ways to raise funds.
Angel investment: This is probably the best option for funding a start-up at initial stages of business. All you need to have is a highly useful business idea and an impressive pitch. If your product idea solves a real-life problem and it’s not in the production yet, even then you can raise huge capital for your start-up.
Business incubators and accelerators: There are hundreds of business incubators and accelerators out there, however, approaching local ones is the best way to start with.
Venture capitalists: Yes, these are the people who will invest a huge amount if they are convinced by business models, valuations and growth trends. So, you must prepare a business plan that investors would love.
Crowdfunding: You can not only generate funds for your business but can also gain traction. This type of fundraising allows you to pool small investments from a big number of investors instead of wasting time with a big company to look for a single investment.
Business grants: Almost every country’s public sector has a certain amount of funds to support the small business sector. Here is a detailed article on finding and getting the business grants for disabled people in the USA.
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