We are interested in fundraising but do not find people who could advice us on how much, what people should we contact and how to do it

We produce bespoke, technology safes


Hi, the essential thing before fundraising is to understand if you are "investment ready." Fundraising is a full-time job and a lot of startup waste time and resources trying to fundraise when they can't (the basic metrics are not there). So step number one is to check if you have the essential elements to start the conversation with a potential investor. Then you need to start working on all the investment material. When you have all the investment material in place you can start connecting with investors.

Answered 5 years ago

Steps. It's a process until you get to revenue neutral. Look at your plan and determine how much you need to get through phase 1. As you approach the completion of phase 1 (or start running out due to unforeseen issues), launch phase 2. This effort will show present investors that you can achieve key milestones (or deal with adversity), plus you might be able to increase the company valuation and, thus, reduce dilution.

Answered 5 years ago

Hi there I'm happy I could answer this question hopefully you'll get some insight from it.

So I took a look at your website and I think you're your safety boxes are really beautifully designed...

-But the first thing that comes to my mind is what types of hotels or establishments would want to purchase these safes in bulk?
-What type of clientele do they serve?

For example, it seems like it's very ultra high-end. I've been to several five-star resorts and not once have I ever used the safe. And if, I did happen to notice the safe, it wouldn't have mattered if it was a standard metal box or one of your beautiful creations. But maybe that's just me?

So ultimately my questions to you are:

-Is there a demand for luxury high-end safes? Especially considering that these items are typically concealed and not shown off?

Answering these questions will really help you figure out how to navigate the fundraising world, because you're going to get theset question all the time.

Where is the demand? In other words, where is the revenue going to come from producing these luxury safe boxes?

I'd be happy to talk more and figure out a unique strategy for you on a call.


Answered 5 years ago

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