Which are the steps to open a startup in USA?

Hi entrepreneurs! I would like to know what are the steps to open a company here in USA. Some people that I talked recommended me to pay a lawyer but always there's a way to do it by yourself. =) I heard to that Delaware it's the best State. ps: I'm from Brazil.


I have a program that goes through that with you. Delaware is good for incorporation because of its tax laws. But there is much more to consider than just that. First you need to clarify your idea. Determine if you are ready to run a business and have the mindset for it. Then, look at your target, what you are selling and who you will sell to. The legal pice of things is made very easy in some states through the office of assessments and taxation. I would also start with the Small Biz Administration, THere is a lot of help there. Also, SCORE.

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I would suggest 2 things to investigate first seek to join a business incubator program such as The Founder's Institute and when the time comes incorporate in Delaware it's the best State (tax wise). I can offer further advice if you wish

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Has anyone helped you with this?

I have started several entities in the USA and currently work for a startup that just raised $4m. I don't know everything about the legal system, but never paid a lawyer and have done pretty well!

You'll want to consider:
- Type of entity
- Domicile
- Are you providing services or products, physical or online?

Answers to the questions will have different ramifications such as you will still have to pay Federal taxes and taxes in states where you sell, but may avoid additional taxes from Delaware-based actions.

Happy to help if I can.

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This is the best period to start a business in US. The US economy bounced back with a record yet temporary surge of growth in the third quarter as businesses reopened and stimulus cash powered consumer spending reversing much of the collapse stemming from coronavirus lockdowns. Just as the second-quarter plunge in output was the biggest in seven decades of data, so too was the third-quarter recovery: Gross domestic product grew 7.4%, a quarterly gain that equals an annualised pace of 33.1%, the Commerce Departmentā€™s initial estimate.
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You will get all the information you need in the following link:

Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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