Where do we begin to get our first sales for our curated yoga wholesale website with a limited budget?


Quickest way to drive traffic is either Google Adwords (SEM) or Facebook Ads, however, with a limited budget you can't guarantee sales (you will be paying per click). This is also a great place to test different copy, images, or audiences to see what works best for your website.

A great way to spend marketing budget when you are first getting started and on a limited budget is affiliate marketing. Basically you pay a commission to other sites that drive sales for you (pay per sale model) or when someone submits a lead form (pay per lead model). This is not the fastest way as you need to structure your program and find affiliates, but you typically don't start spending your budget until sales are coming in. Niche markets are usually a good fit for this so your yoga should align nicely.

Shareasale is the largest when you are just getting started but this article has an aanalysis of some other options as well.

Answered 5 years ago

Over the past decade, I've worked with a lot of brands that just can't spend their way to a consistent set of leads. With a limited budget, you're going to want to conserve your finances for the actual implementation of your strategy.

The best way to start is to leverage the people you know in the industry. Talk with them about their challenges in the field -- for yoga wholesale for example, it can be a quality issue or a inventory consistency issue. Addressing that need is going to be your first step to getting your sale.

Using the aspect that merges your company's best differentiator and your clientele's biggest need will give you the core parts of what you need to communicate in your marketing. Your next step would be getting that marketing in front of your potential clientele -- your network.

If you need help figuring out what makes you special in your market, I'd be happy to talk with you to hone that down so you can really get a marketing strategy that works for your business.

Answered 5 years ago

That's a interesting question.
Firstly I'm not here to talk on how digital marketing will bring in the traffic.You will find them all over the internet.
The below are few pointers to make your website a unique one from tons out there.
1)The word yoga means Union. A sense of acceptance to who we are and our role play.
Today sadly yoga has just been reduced to body bending postures and their pictures posted on social media.
2) I'm assuming your website is based on yoga products for sale.
One word answer to this would be "Uniqueness and authentic"
Assuming it's a yoga products website bringing the attention of people based on authentic scriptural content In Sanskrit written ages ago.
Articles on yoga, the basics on how anyone of any age and shape can connect to it and benefit it.
Storytelling is one powerful tool how people connect with their life's that dawns faith and trust to bring that change.
Bottomline - Let people know the roots of Yoga from its roots, Pathanjali ( father of Yoga ) and what the Vedas have to say about them for modern times.
Connect with genuine yoga practioners who aren't for masses but want to touch lives those seeking it.

I'm still on the assumption it's a Yoga product based website. I would appreciate the fact of we could connect and I get to know the specifics of it.
And another request would to go through my profile on how we brother can be a catalyst in multiple ways to your endeavours in bringing you content or podcasts from the roots of our ancient treasure of wisdom.

Hope this brings a new perspective on being able to bring notice of your website for your sales.
For sales, keeping the technical knowledge to the last as its not my forte but I'm from India and if your talking about Budget, it doesn't get better than to outsource it here where your budget fits in.
I have friend whose reference work I could share to see for yourself on SEO / Google Adsense and more for the traffic flow.

Thank you for your time and I hope we connect and have a detailed step-by-step guide how we can take this forward.

Thank you.

Answered 5 years ago

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