What method of Brain Storming should I use when looking for COMMITTED leads?

Hi Everyone, I have been learning high ticket closure business from Dan Lok for a while. Been taking a lot of notes, a lot of different research how could I turn the mindset of the committed prospect to NOT just sell to him or her features and benefits but to actually offer him or her a way out of the problem. I have a strong belief that people like to buy a way out of problem and not a way into something, even if product or service is perfectly presented. My second on-topic belief is that the key point is to get someone to call you instead of you calling him (cold call) because when you call, you need something from someone. You are basically hungry for money and sometimes just a time waster. However when you get a call, you are the expert and you know such prospect, who is calling YOU, is committed prospect (warm/hot lead) and not just some cold call prospect. As beginner with no money, failing to get a job even with university diploma, its hard to get started, very hard. Since I had started to learn high ticket closure business (finalizing the sales of high value products and services in extremely unique way, completely different than 99% of sales people), I spent a lot of time, several months, to research how could I get people to call me. I know there are many ways, the biggest is surely defined as ''branding''. To avoid not getting the answer on my exact question that I am yet to ask, I will not ask for your suggestions how to get them to call me. Several years ago, I tried some amazon affiliate marketing, i tried some basic website design on SEO rules, i even tried some 100% legal MLM marketing but it never worked for me. I almost lost the trust at classic internet marketing. I don't plan to have my own website but only redirection link (IF with my own affiliate recognition id) to the company's website. I don't even plan to have any blogs, any funnels, etc. This just doesn't work for me. For my opinion, please don't be offended, the worst of the worse is email marketing and adwords. People will pay zero attention to my email message. Also i don't have sufficient budget for printing whatever needs to be printed and put into the envelope and physically mailed to the prospect. Currently everything i can think of, what else could be possible to be done is only one remaining solution: cold call. Try to, on the start of speech in first few words, develop and say breath-taking, multi-million euros worth highest quality statement of several sentence that will earn me to get prospect's attention so he or she will devote his or her time to me. This is first thing I want to do. The second is then to NOT try to do any sale on that outgoing call (cold call) but instead develop some unique trick that will result into cold leads calling me back and being converted to highly committed prospects. The goal is to get an incoming call so I can act like an expert and take the control of entire call. However, I have a problem when it comes to lead generation, big problem, very very big. Previously I said that in outgoing call (cold call leads) you are very irritating. I spent some time thinking how to deal with this and got the following idea: try to pre-qualify the cold call leads BEFORE calling them. This way I could predict maximum chance of possible commitment to something I would describe. Then I was further thinking how could I do that. It is basically (almost) impossible to know what particular lead, either individual person or company, wants, what they are commited to, what they would love to listen etc. Noone has on their linkedin, facebook profiles and so on publicly said what their passion is, what they would like. Thats NOT what profiles are for. So what i was thinking about is the following: Why not BRAINSTORM what could possibly particular individual or company that provides particular service or product want. So my idea is to brainstorm the relationship between what is offerred and what is wanted (passion for = willingness to listen on the phone call). That idea was ''born'' based on the fact that its pretty much easy, but can be time consuming, to produce list of few hundreds or few thousands or few tens of thousands of individuals or companies that are selling exact product or service. Let me clarify: I want to close the sale on X product or service. I have a list of individuals or companies who sell Y product or service. The ULTIMATE GOAL*** in brainstorming what I want to do is asking myself: What is Y so i could pick those individuals and/or companies and offer them my X to increase the chance of being listened on the phone call? Would anyone please tell me some tips how to do such brainstorming? How could I do that? Example (completely random example, i actually don't because i need your answer regardlesss what X is): lets say i close deals on extremely expensive consulting lectures (X), what kind of product or service would individuals or companies offer (Y) so they would be committed to my X? How could I do such plan? Of course I would love to get some suggestions how to get people to call me also (respecting what i said in this message) but mostly I am interested for your answer how to reach ultimate goal***? Once I have some budget, I am planning to hire Expert here on this StartUps website to explain me in detail what could be done and how so committed prospects will call me. Preferable without having to promote/advertiste something because as I said, I don't believe such SEO and classical internet marketing would work for me at all. I would appreciate if you tell me otherwise: but currently with zero budget all I can do is to prequalify before cold call what exactly could I do in order to do previously described brainstorming. This is what I am asking you, how could I do that? Kindly note: as far as I am aware of this community board functionality won't let me reply. So hopefully I could have your permission to send you a message (i believe this is done via Clarity website and not StartUps website) in case if I need to do any feedback. Thank you very much in advance.


So, you are looking for leads to call you. That's a very good idea.

Cold calling is not the solution. Don't get me wrong, cold calling works. I have successfully built a company using cold calling. But that was some time ago and now it's extremely difficult to get people on the phone.

The solution to this is lead generation using LinkedIn. You can search for your ideal customers, request a connection and once accepted start a dialogue.

This works. I have personally closed over 6 figures in business this way and my students and my clients as well.

LinkedIn can also be used to make people connect with you and request your help.

I am happy to jump on a call with you and explain how this all works in detail and answer all your questions.

Answered 5 years ago

You may do value-leading outreach campaigns on LinkedIn and email (no selling) so your target customers, after doing outbound marketing campaigns, would call you:

But this strategy requires lots of patience and if you think you don't have that, don't do this advice:

1. Sign up to LinkedIn sales navigator one month trial
2. Use Google chrome for $15 a month then automate your outreach
3. Connect and reach out directly to your target clients and build real relationships with them (don't sell). When they accept your LI invites, you'll have access to their profiles like professional interests data you can use when connecting and building rapport with them.
4. Offer them help or offer free value (you can be creative on what you're going to offer them for free).
5. Find free CRM like hubspot so you could track history of convo with them
6. Follow them on LinkedIn and greet them on their birthdays, work anniversaries, change of roles, etc.

You may harvest low-hanging fruits along the process but you need, again, to have loong patience to execute this strategy.

The goal is to cement your solution(s) to their minds. If you can do that, you can have them call you when their needs for your service/product arises...

Answered 5 years ago

Here are some tips for brainstorming how to pre-qualify cold leads before calling them:

Research common pain points or challenges within the industry or niche of the type of businesses or people you want to target. What keeps them up at night? What problems do they constantly face?

Think about complementary products or services that your offer could help address those pain points. For example, if you offer expensive consulting, target businesses that need help with growth, strategy, processes, etc.

Look at industry trends and upcoming changes and disruptions. How could your offer help businesses prepare for or capitalize on those shifts? Target businesses that would be most impacted.

Browse industry forums, Reddit, and Quora for common questions or discussions. This gives insights into the real problems businesses face that your offer could solve.

Leverage your network. Speak to people you know in different industries to understand challenges from an insider perspective.

Read industry publications, blogs, and reports. Look for topics or headlines that indicate potential demand for your solution.

Consider demographic factors (location, size, revenue level, years in business, etc.) that indicate a business or individual is more likely to need or benefit from your offer.

Test assumptions by calling a few leads from the target list and asking questions to validate pain points and interest in your solution before a full pitch.

The goal is to identify a profile of leads most likely to be receptive to learning about your offer based on real problems or needs. With brainstorming and testing, you can pre-qualify leads to increase the chances of productive calls. Let me know if any part needs more clarification!

Answered 5 months ago

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