Why there is no online marketplace for disabiliy tools and item? Is that because the market of potential user is too small?


I actually did this business. The short answer is the vendor landscape is super-varied, and that means you have a ton of different companies to deal with, each of whom tends to be small and doesn't have a very good vendor support operation. Since we didn't want to carry inventory we did drop shipping, but the margins were not ideal. It was possible, but the realities of the business, at least several years ago, were difficult operationally. I could talk to you in detail about it if you like.

Answered 5 years ago

There are many online marketplaces for disability products and items. Some of them are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Grainger and more.

I think it is because there are not enough people who need these services or products. Moreover, the businesses that offer these products are not ready to advertise on the internet due to the cost involved in running an online store. Also, there are challenges when selling these product on marektplaces because of high fees.

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Answered 3 years ago

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