It makes 2 year i try to win money online i found nothing serious i try dropshipping, cpa offer, to rent villa with booking, etc, i such a mentor now!

yes 2 year i such to make money online but i never found someone who can teach me correctly have someone desire to teach me i m still very motived if your prices are correct…


It's disheartening to know your plight! Don't beat yourself up over it so hard. But you should know that you are not alone in this.

Lemme begin with similar qualms. I was agitated over the 'get rich quick' scheme over the internet. The internet as we know is filled with scams. Those voracious over getting quick result might fall prey into a well planned financial hoax.

Then we ask: is there actually something genuine on the internet?

Offcourse yes! I have been in this for over 2years now... And I have proven records to show. In essence, I know a significant wealth ground breaking tools. E.g are the crypto airdrop and bounties. This venture would enable you get free money by doing simple and quick tasks.

Should you be interested in knowing more or other options, hit me up for a conversation and mentorship

Answered 5 years ago

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