How to turn a niche seasonal business into a all year round business?

Hi I currently run a successful e-commerce business that ships products (Xmas Sweaters) worldwide during the 2 months leading up to Christmas. I would love to convert it into a all year round business but am struggling to find the right angle to grow it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW - we are bootstrapped, profitable,have shipped to over 44 countries and Celebs such as One Direction and Scott Disick have worn our sweaters. Thanks, Fabio


Thanks for reaching out. Do you want to meet in person? I am in San Francisco/San Mateo location.


Answered 6 years ago

Hey Fabio,

A couple of thoughts:
1) A lot of people in the southern hemisphere do a "Christmas in July" because that's when winter falls. So maybe you could target that market in May, June & July and squeeze out a few more sales.

2) Is there more you can do to optimize for the holidays to make your most effective period even better? This could be either marketing related or cost-saving/efficiency based.

3) Apart from that, I think it's going to be a hard sell to market and sell Christmas product out of season. Typically, seasonal stuff is heavily discounted during these non-holiday periods so that could be a problem. I'd take what you've learnt (and mastered to a certain extent by the sounds of it) with that business (eg product, marketing, logistics) etc and find new niches.

Answered 6 years ago

Hey Fabio,
This is a great question that I think a lot of businesses face this issue (maybe less drastically than you do though). From what you've described about your business it seems like your unique value proposition is that you sell an item associated with a holiday. This is also your issue but one that I think is solvable as well. The simple solution I see is that you should expand your product line to cover more holidays. Specifically I think you might be able to sell products for valentines day, independence day, thanksgiving, mother's day, father's day, hanukkah, new years, and potentially others. Your current business is a great opportunity to create fun clothing options for new holidays, take advantage of that.

Answered 6 years ago

Partner with sites like this that get traffic year round for folks that love the Holiday:

Build a massive list to prepare to do 90% of your business in those 3 months

Answered 6 years ago

Thanks Cam and Sean

We have tried Australia, the market ain't so big. We must move into a new product/niche as you said but we want to keep it within the same brand as we have a good following and built up a good brand. Finding the niche is the issue

Would love to meet up with I'm located in Europe.

Answered 6 years ago

I think there is a big part of the market you guys are missing.

There are a bunch of things you guys can do to make it year round.

The hardest thing is getting a customer base and you have that...

Answered 6 years ago

Well, two things to consider:
1. is it only sweaters: you rather cut out a large chunk of the world that has never seen snow, about 55% of humanity.

if yes, it does have to be sweaters, then why only Christmas? Birth of Christ is a very fine holiday, but its only one and a large chunk of the sweater wearing population may not celebrate it. Why not make sweaters for other holidays too...? Look up other large holidays that are celebrated in wide areas.

For example: Pasha (Easter to the the Catholics/Protestants). It often falls in early spring, a time of snow in most northern areas. Or other Budhist or Toaist holidays? Maybe something ethnic?

Answered 6 years ago

Hi Fabio,
the most natural step would be as most said to extend to other holidays, but you might also want to look at what makes your offer so successful at Xmas. Is it the variety of choice, how fast you deliver, how simple it is to order, your second to none customer service, your superior SEO? Once you identified that you can make it the core of your proposition and expand into other products (either same product different holidays or different products while keeping the same core proposition). Would love to see the website and talk on the phone to identify what is it that makes you unique and how to make your business a success all year long. Serena

Answered 4 years ago

The first question is do you wish to stick to only Xmas Sweaters? If you do, there are several ways you can develop your business to a more year-round business without using a channel-approach (like partnering with year-round Christmas stores) but still sticking with your direct-to-consumer e-commerce site. Assuming you also don't want to start tempering too much with the production of the sweaters, you can simply create an additional line of shirts targeted for fall-sales, like "its never too early for Christmas" or "Wish Christmas was here already" -sweaters. You can use similar techniques to extend your season post-Christmas. Im more than happy to setup a phone call to discuss in more detail.

Answered 3 years ago

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