How much money and time do brands and marketing teams spend on sponsoring youtube, twitch and facebook streamers?

After researching the topic I got an impression that featuring a product on a stream or instagram is more powerful than ads on youttube and instagram. Is it true? In tha case it looks like that more and more companies should start allocation most of the marketing money towards accessing the customers via the social media channel and the influencers. Would be happy to read some good article and analytics on this topic.


It’s actually better for the brand to be more established on multiple platforms because as the targeted person switches apps, they will see your image again. This really increases the chances of you getting clicks and converting. The money aspect of your question is easy, start off by doing the same amount on each platform then adjust as you receive more data. Great question.

Answered 5 years ago

You are asking a very broad question. It is going to be very different for every brand. It really depends on each brands goals. A company might find that they get a better return on advertising spend when partnering with a Twitch streamer than running a YouTube ad, but for a different brand it could be the complete opposite. Each brand will have to test their own strategies to discover what works best for their company.

Answered 5 years ago

Although not a "new" form of advertising, influencer marketing seems to have a much more prominent role today with the rise of social media as well as the new media (as opposed to traditional media...CNN, NYTimes, USA Today, etc).

There is currently a wide range in regards to budgets and much of it is currently dictated by the influencer themselves.

Big brands (Fortune 500's) tend to still stick with known celebrities and work through agents. Alec Baldwin claimed to have made $15 Million for his series of Capital One ads.

Smaller brands tend to focus on smaller influencers...and big / small is determined by both the size of the following as well as the loyalty of that following.

For example, I recently worked with a small brand (~250k in revenue) that hired a small influencer (mommy blogger with about 100k followers) and it was a super successful engagement because although small, those followers were loyal...she was a trustworthy influencer. That brand paid a flat fee of $5k which yielded about $20k in sales.

More and more brands are looking into sponsoring streams but currently it is still only a small percentage of their budgets...generally no more than 5% of their overall marketing budget. As always there are situational exceptions and many companies use a multi-faceted approach (traditional ads, digital ads, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, etc) but sponsoring streamers is still a very small part of their overall marketing strategy (if part of the strategy at all).

Answered 5 years ago

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