What is the best time tracking software tool for government R&D firms?

What is the best tracking tool for government R&D firms? To track and submit employee time for compensation we have to break total weekly hours down proportionally into a standard 40 hour work week. So for example, if in a week an employee spends 30 hours on project A and 20 hours on project B it would auto-adjust the government billable hours down to the same proportional 60% and 40% percentages in a 40 hour work week (24 and 16 hours) down to the results as shown below. Project A = 30 hours out of 50 total hours = 60% of time = 60% x 40 hour work week=24 proportional hours Project B = 20 hours out of 50 total hours = 40% = 40% x 40 hour work week=16 proportional hours We're calculating this manually now and it's time-consuming. Is there an affordable time tracking software tool that can automate this adjustment for us? It would also need to integrate with ADP (We use for our payroll) and Quickbooks (We use for our accounting). Thank you very much for your expertise!


Well the government sector is particularly vulnerable when it comes to such aspects of work as budgeting, payroll or leave management. Thus, not every tool will be suitable for this category. What you should be looking for is a software compliant with certain contractors as well as a tool which will meet the needs of government organization To name a few, TimeCamp and ClickTime

Answered 5 years ago

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