How do you manage staff KPIs? Do you use software? Do you use Trello or what is the best method to use. I need to determine; > How many candidates our staff are interviewing > How there sales are tracking > Potential work > Potential work lost > Potential work filled (roles placed at companies) > Lead up into filling a role, for example; how many phone calls were made, how many people were interviewed etc Would love to hear your thoughts

I typically end up doing this in Excel in order to get more granular.

Although your KPIs are supposed to be the most important overall metrics of your company, each major source of candidate leads, each of your sales teams, the role types, all ultimately drive these KPIs. Monitoring the health of the most important segments you have independently can help you identify changes in performance or help you allocate resources to better performing areas.

For that reason, I usually create a spreadsheet that calculates all of my KPIs, then duplicate it onto additional tabs and plug in the individual data for my most important segments. In your case, segments might be teams (or individual reps if there aren't too many), certain role types you're trying to fill, candidate leads that came from particular sources, etc.

Then, I usually create one tab of graphs that show me how my overall KPIs are trending, and then a long tab with graphs for each KPI broken down and showing me how my most important segments are trending vs one another.

This allows me to see my big picture numbers easily, and also monitor the underlying performance that affects them. Without it, I have found that you can get wins in an area while performing poorer in another and not even notice that your business has started to fare worse with leads from certain sources, or in filling certain roles.

Answered a year ago

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