Who are developers for One Tree Hill Collection launched condo?


One Tree Hill Collection, a development comprising 14 houses by Singapore- listed construction and property group Lum Chang Holdings, is scheduled for launch soon.
It is not just any landed housing project, however. “Located right smack in prime District 10, in the vicinity of luxury residences such as The Marq on Paterson Hill, The Colonnade and Cliveden at Grange, One Tree Hill is a highly desirable estate,” says Peter Ow, director of property at Lum Chang Holdings. “It’s accessible from Grange Road, Paterson Road and Orchard Boulevard.”
Lum Chang therefore decided to develop a luxurious development befitting its prestigious address. K2LD Architects was selected to design the houses at One Tree Hill Collection. “K2LD has a track record for designing luxury houses, especially Good Class Bungalows,” says Ow. “That’s why we chose them.”

Answered 5 years ago

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