One of the two employees who have been working for me for the last ten years, has changed. He has become mannerless, argumentative and doesn't respect me. I can't lose him as my business depends on him greatly, however he has another source of income. I hired a new employee but they fought and the new employee left. I need help learning how to deal with him. What are some suggestions?

As the owner of your business, you should never feel threatened by the loss of an employee. Have a straightforward conversation with the employees to let them know that you are willing to take action if necessary. Work on assertive communication techniques that will help you hold the space. In my experience, some of the most challenging staff I have managed, have thrived after I have reset the expectations.

As far as the threat of losing his, keep your feelers out for a possible replacement and start building the systems and processes you will need in place to train the replacement in the shortest amount of time.

I work with entrepreneurs to build their businesses, address risk and strategy and work on leadership. I'd love to discuss this more with you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to set up a call with me.

Answered 3 years ago

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