As someone selling commercial office space, how do I find out beforehand which companies are looking to open an office in Asia/hire remote teams?

I want to initiate the sales conversation at the right time with the right companies and not just mass target companies that might have no use for my services.


I find this is one of the toughest questions to answer, we are not looking at how to sell or how to at impress people - all these can be learnt.

We are looking at when the willing parties just in time to meet each other (i,e, the buyer just in time want to buy the office space that you have and willing to sell).

We are looking for the right time to execute the ripe situation.

The timely quality information is the trigger point.

Given the deficiencies in reaching out the ideal customers in time, there are two common approaches:
1. increase reach out capabilities - to convert more quality leads
2. improve inbound management - to nurture customers and prospects so as to realise sales.

Combine the advancement of technology and modified marketing strategy, the gap of serving wrong prospects can be narrowed. You should try different ways to collect real leads/ database (remember the more the better but make sure real and are prospects based on your customer profile). Look for places where you can capture quality leads regularly at low or reasonable costs.

Build a nurturing and maintaining model by using a simple CRM (many very good CRMs in the market at zero or low costs). This is the place where the right customers can be nurtured (now - s/he may be a buyer or referrer)

As for the right companies, you can follow the above same approach, but your criteria will change accordingly.

Hope the above can help you. :)

Answered 5 years ago

I assume that you are selling office space across Asia?
I have tried a similar approach for getting technology clients in new markets. There are a few ways by which you can qualify your leads.
1. You should setup google alerts for activity on "remote teams Asia" or some similar keywords.
2. Scan LinkedIn or job boards for hiring activity in your target cities.
3. Look at the government websites that publish information on new ventures being setup. You can scan them to see if they have large parent firms overseas, or the amount of investment they are committing.
4. Co-working spaces are also used as temporary offices, before new offices are leased or investments from VCs are finalized. You should track firms renting space there.

You can call me if you want to discuss lead qualification in more detail.

Answered 5 years ago

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