What are the main challenges for employers in retail and food service when it comes to entry level jobs?


psychological fatigue that's basically the reason entry level jobs fail to get higher positions the lack of motivation makes them psychologically fatigue if companies we have motivational speakers gift courses to everyone an entry level jobs they would be able to have more productive staff

Answered 5 years ago

The biggest challenge for employers is motivation. Many entry level employees who are new entrants in the work force have a need for immediate gratification which creates a vicious cycle. For example, the more money they need, the more un-focused they become. If they are earning $10.00 and hour and a competitor is paying $12.00 and hour, entry level people will jump. They can't wait for their position to improve because they can't see that far ahead. Employers with an entry level workforce must motivate these workers with non-cash benefits. They must be creative and entice employees to stay on the job longer by providing training, group activities and other free benefits.

Answered 5 years ago

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