What are great ways to place foreign IT professionals in the Canadian market?

I am able bring foreign IT professionals with a specific cultural background to Canada. The average time to bring these folks to Canada is 8 days. In Canada, they have a temporary work permit that is tied to my consulting company. I presume it is similar to B1 in the US. The key here is that these people are from a very specific cultural background. The challenge is, it is difficult for employers to hire people while they are still abroad. So my consulting company hires them while they are abroad and bring them to Canada. Once they are in the country they need to be placed to real companies that need them and where they would do the real job and earn money. So basically my consulting company is more like a pass through company that gets those people in Canada. My question to you experts is what are the best approaches to placing these people when they are in Canada. What kind of people do I need to hire to make this happens? I thought of hiring recruiters. However, usually recruiters work for the company in finding the right candidate. So, they have no allegiance to the candidate. One way the candidates could be placed to the companies would be like what Manpower does. This way, my company would get a cut on the candidate's pay. Another way is simply placing the candidate to other companies resulting maybe in placement fees? I am really looking forward to your input and some great pointers.


I think what you need to do is market analysis. According to Labour Market Outlook, there is cumulative hiring requirements in Canada for ICT talent are expected to be over 182,000 by 2019. I think the number will vary by 10-15%. Having said that, I would suggest you focus on the ICT professionals. You have to design your business model, work on customer value proposition and business risk.

Answered 5 years ago

Primeiro é importante saber com qual tipo de TI você trabalha, mas no geral existem muitas empresas canadenses que hoje realizam recrutamento de forma totalmente remota, e oferece vagas em home office, se o seu desejo for trabalhar presencial a modalidade híbrida seja uma boa opção.

Answered 3 years ago

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