I’ve got a start up which provides outsourced services on a pay as you go basis. The concept is “customer sales and support as a service”. We envisaged our target market to be online tech businesses within SaaS, apps, market places, word press developers etc. Our service specifically helps tech/online businesses acquire and retain more customers. What would you say the best way is to generate leads for this service?

First of all, create a landing page and embed a how it works video. If done well it seems like a service many SaaS companies would like to know about.

In a crowded internet marketing space, selling and marketing your service is tough and will need a good marketing budget.

However, if you can offer your service to selected customers at zero or low prices that could be a good testimonial.

Even then it may be tough because SaaS owners will be vary of handing over their customer service to a 3rd party.
This question is one many SaaS owners may ask you -

How can you help me get sales?

You may want to review a website like for outreach and emailing.

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Answered 2 years ago

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