How can I organize our sales process in SaaS self service?

Have trial users and some outbound contacts - we do a process for each? I Have many contacts, how can i design funnel and sales cycle well for future growth? Can I divide all them in : Leads> MQL>SQL> Trial user> But if a lead come directly in Trial Phase (integration platform)?


To response to this question one needs to understand various other aspects of your offering , your market , your current team strengths, current stage of growth of the product as well as your current problems. I have been a SaaS sales leader for couple of products and have built and mentored these Sales Organisations. Let me know if I could help

Answered 5 years ago

My first question is, what CRM are you using? Salesforce?

You need to create a funnel that illustrates new lead (hot or cold) all the way to paying client.

So if you're in SaaS, I also assume you have some sort of demoing of your software.

A pipeline can be, new lead > prequalied > demo given


new lead > following up > prequalified > demo given > paid subscriber

You need to define what a demo given is, what a prequalified lead is etc. If you need help, let me know.

Answered 5 years ago

I have run digital campaigns for similar products in the past.

It depends on a few factors. It is better to define the user journey properly and create a sales funnel accordingly.It will be easier to see possible overlaps and how the funnels can be integrated or split.

If I have more details about the intended action for each step, I might be able to help further. Can you share more details?

Answered 5 years ago

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