How can I learn about selling products to career services in colleges or to colleges directly?

What's the process like, who are the decision makers?


Starting to map the different DMU's at the different collage's you want to sell your goods to is probably a good starting point. I would try and use LinkedIn for that. You'll probably looking for a chief executive role. Depending on what you are actually selling you could try to be at network events where these people attend to as well and see if you can find a 'hook' , a problem they are facing which provides an opening for you product.

If you have any follow up questions, feel free to plan a call

Answered 5 years ago

I worked as a career specialist in a Technical school for nine years. In most colleges and universities, career services directors do not make product decisions. The administrative wing, president, provost, and director of student services hold the budget. Navigating product sales to schools also requires a solid understanding of union politics. Frequently, career services staff are non-union, but decisions that affect school policy or work-flow processes always impact the union workers and if you don't get buy-in from their representatives selling a new system or service will be more difficult. In addition to connecting with Administration, you should do some research on the union side of the house. I am available for calls.

Answered 5 years ago

I am a techer and instructor who's been offering services to schools and universities, as well as to students of both kinds of institutions for the past few months here in Brazil.First of all, you must define whether your services are delivered presentially, having a field agent or crew, or if you're going to rely on the digital solutions we luckily have nowadays.
Once you have such answer, you must think long and hard about ways to get as much info on the college's council or board and the best manners to approach each one of them, for different people have different needs.
After that, you should build a very polite and well revised e-mail and send them offering them what you have to offer and telling them all the wonderful benefits they are going to have by hiring your services, be nice, okay? Hope to have helped in your quest to success. If you have further questions or need help to think creatively and strategically solutions to this challenge, feel free to call me, alright?

Answered 5 years ago

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