How should I go about getting my workshop for students into schools?

Should I just email the schools? What is generally the procedure for marketing or setting up these things? Generally what is the cost schools are willing to put up with? I also want to understand what is a schools interest in investing in the workshops? (so I can use it in my selling?


Way to go would be a demo setup and advertising that parents.
That is a good way to selling you workshop if parents get it your job is done.

Answered 18 days ago

1. Is your workshop targeting a primary educational focus?
2. Emailing is not useful in sales until after a relationship through direct contact has been established.
I will be happy to detail what I have discovered about approaching schools successfully through 2 different client interactions on a call.

Answered 16 days ago

You need to connect with parents and teachers. Get them to want the workshop, and they will help you get it into a school. Once you get it going successfully in one or two schools, it will be easier to sell to other schools.

Answered 4 days ago

Your workshop should firstly serve a purpose that is beneficial to the students, parents and teachers in the schools. Emailing is not the best idea to get their attention but speaking in assemblies and PTA meetings is one of the best ways. You should write a proposal and mail it to the suggested school/schools beforehand.

Answered 4 days ago

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