How can I publish my book?

How can I publish my book? I have written my first book and want to publish it in Los Angeles. What are the best companies (and most reliable ones)? I've checked the draft on and sent it to the editor and typing expert at Ulrich Brecht. It's a fictional story (psychedelic genre).


Contact a local publisher. I have done this before when I had a good idea for a book one time. Yellow pages or Google search then make the call. Good luck!

Answered 11 days ago

Congratulations on completing your book! Are you wanting to publish the traditional method or have you considered self-publishing online through channels like Amazon and Createspace. You get official ISBN's, a larger market, less hassle with publishers requirements on contracts, and you receive full profits. Let me know if your interested in how to go about this and we can look at tips and techniques for creating a BestSeller!

Answered 11 days ago

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