What is the size of micro-consulting industry globally?

Consulting is emerging and we see the trend where SMEs and entrepreneurs prefer to engage individual consultants for a short time to fill up a specific resource or expertise gap in the team. What is your outlook on this trend?


Gig economy is taking over industries and consulting is no exception. Global management consulting industry is said to be worth around USD 260 - 300+ billion, depending on how much we blur the line between management and technology consulting. Another research says that 20% of the industry works in micro-consulting firms (freelancers included). If we ponder it by the difference in average contract size, we get approximately USD 20-50 billion.

Of course, the trend can be easily observed in a rapid growth of freelancing consulting sites (e.g. as this one).

My personal opinion is that it's not really an opinion, but rather a fact. However, the question can be observed and discussed from multiple angles. If you want to get more info, feel free to contact me. :)

Answered 5 years ago

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