What are the top 5 terms (words) that all employees should know in the new world of work? (that they may not know)


As I working in production industry, technology development give me some indications that in new world of work we will faced with these following terms on the working places:

1 .The impact of technology on the old ageing workforce.
Them should need to be flexible in learning and education on how to ensured that digital transformation delivers social and environmental benefits.
2.Digital skills training of workforce.
Development of digital skills on the employee will help him to create many new opportunities for innovative products and services.
3. Using online data to tackle social issues.
With new business models and practices are emerging that place fair handling of data and sharing of value arising from that data at the heart of their value proposition.
4. Increasing levels of transparency.
Digital technology should to enable greater transparency across value chain, encouraging all players to adopt best practices.
5. Building trust with consumers and wider stakeholders.
These complex relationships can make it difficult in bussiness, so responsible should use data innovatively to build trust by using it to tackle social and environmental issues along with their bottom line.

If you have any doubts or unclear things, I will be on your disposal.

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Answered 6 years ago

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Answered 6 years ago

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