Is it better to make a blog that reviews toaster ovens, or ALL kitchen appliances?

I love reviewing products and want to make a review blog. Lets say Toaster ovens gets a million search a month. Because people are searching for toaster ovens, cheap toaster ovens, gourmet toaster ovens, (brand name) toaster ovens, pink toaster ovens, Bagel toasters, etc. Important to me: Also lets say the domain name 'Toaster Oven Reviews. com" was available. So I think hmmm, i should make a site that reviews toaster ovens, because theres a BIG demand for a single niche. But every one of my friends tells that I should review all kitchen appliances because Im limiting myself by only focusing on toaster ovens. I just want a nice small business that I could quit my job and work full time job within 3-5 years. Also I have a tiny budget to start this. So what makes sense here? thanks :)


Let's think about this for a moment, toaster ovens haven't been a common household appliance since the invention of the microwave. Although they are still found in the homes of the "I wanna be a gourmet chef at home" crowd which is a very lucrative niche'.

Instead of limiting yourself to only toaster ovens, let's crack the door just a little wider to reviews of Gourmet Gizmos. You can bust wide open into a very small niche' of people looking to purchase high end quality kitchen appliances for crafting home cooked cuisine.

This has 3 very distinct advantages for your success.
1.. This niche' of unique buyers have money they are willing to spend for quality products that are difficult to find elsewhere.
2. They make repeat purchases. Today they need a toaster oven and next week they want a cappucino machine. Since they have already bought from you once they know to where to come back for their next unique, hard to find item.
3. You have multiple items to sell without competing competition from Lowe's, Home Depot or Maytag.

This advice is coming from a mom/marketer that knows her way around a kitchen. I'm happy to help you lay out strategies and devise a marketing plan for exposure and sells. Give me a call. Thanks, Delilah

Answered 5 years ago

Hi. You can start with the toaster ovens reviews, then expand to related topics. Just figure out what else might be interesting to your public and that can bring you affiliate commissions.

I am a toast/bread lover myself, so I would be very interested in content and product reviews about:
- Bread machines;
- Bread recipes;
- Spread recipes;
- Bread boxes;
- Bread knives;
- Cheese.

Also, just have in mind that Amazon will actually pay you a commission for whatever the referred visitors buy within 24 hours after they've clicked your affiliate link. By the way, this timeframe is extended to 90 days for the products they add to cart within the initial 24 hours.

You can even sell a course and/or ebook teaching how to make bread or practical meals involving bread/toast as the base ingredient, or how to harmonise different types of bread/toast with the main course etc.

As you can see, bread and toast are already a quite broad micro-niche with lots of opportunities.

A few reasons why I don't recommend you to start with something as broad as the whole kitchen:

1. The more generic, the more competition.

2. It doesn't really engage people to a new blog/YouTube channel. I mean, if you talk about toast in the 1st video and then bread in the second, your audience will be more engaged than if you talk about toast and then freezers (what doesn't mean you should not expand after building a following).

Also, it is good to have a marketing plan in order to figure out the most effective steps to follow to grow your channel/blog as fast and profitable as possible.

Give me a call and I can give you the proper guidance.


Answered 5 years ago

First things first, I wouldn't rely on organic traffoc to a review blog for affiliate commission for your sole income, things come and go, so ideally you would need to build quite a few sites or a substantial business for it to be stable.

However, to your question, An incredibly niched down site may have its advantages, but the winner above all will be the review site with the most useful information that has all the comparisons and information that searchers want.

Just buying a focused domain and thinking type-in traffic from google will come, will not work any longer unless you can do it at scale. So if your passion really lies behind reviewing kitchen appliances (right!) I would build a site that is different than others and fills a gap in that area so it will be something that actually ranks and gets traffic... and in turn some amount of revenues.

Answered 5 years ago

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