What are great examples of successfully launching digital two sided marketplaces other than the Airbnb example people always quote?


Here's an evernote file of things I've found and liked around the internet re: 2 sided marketplaces. All digital, although not sure exactly how "successful" they are - but more for reference.

Quality / Copywriting

Community Engagement

Categories / Search

Deliver of Service

How it works

The Why

Supply Side




Help Center


Answered 10 years ago

This Nov 2012 blog post by Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital is very insightful, and cites some great examples as well:

All Markets Are Not Created Equal: 10 Factors To Consider When Evaluating Digital Marketplaces

Also, see the deck here which takes Bill Gurley's ideas above and translates them into an evaluation framework:

Answered 10 years ago

A friend of mine started You can judge success from your own lens.

Answered 10 years ago

Is eBay not a great example of a 2 sided marketplace?

Answered 10 years ago

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