What is the best institutional grade trading platform in which to get a totally hands free automated algorithm programmed?

I have been trying to get my automated algorithm programmed by various programmers in Tradestation OOEL for 3 years. No-one has been able to get it done (it requires 4 entry pyramids and 2 exit pyramids). I am considering trying to get my strategy built in another programme/language. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi , I think I can help you in Metatrader , If I have more Info about requirements for your strategy , From your question if I understand right you based on some entry signal you want to build multiple entry positions with different lots size till exposition of a trend and gradually close (exit) the position and also your entry must have different lot size based on signal strength (MA(50,100,200) or/and MACD) or something else

Answered 5 years ago

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