I currently have separate websites and Facebook pages for each business but I'd sure love to combine them, but only if it would work. I want to have 1 hub that is everything I do, but not sure if I should or if I should keep them separate on Facebook.

A few ideas here:

Most people will tell you to have two separate pages, but before you jump into running and managing two Facebook pages, consider your role in these ventures.

Are you a solo-preneur? Is one business stronger than the other? Do you have a team or are you managing everything yourself?

And lastly, what is your ultimate goal? More publicity? More clients?

Answering those questions will help you identify if you even need two Facebook pages.

Now let's assume that you do... should the be separate?

Yes, unless you are really just selling yourself and these are seen as interesting hobbies or interests that you share with people and you ultimately direct them to other sites.

But like I said, I'm more interested in knowing if you really need two Facebook pages at all and I'm betting you probably don't.

Happy to jump on a call and discuss further.

Answered 7 years ago

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