I've been working in the Media Production for 6+ years, and i'm good at shooting (producing) commercial video. Now I find my interest and love in the commercial and creative field, and want start my own creative agency.

#1. Find qualified workers
#2. Pitch prospects, build estimates using the workers' advice
#3. Close the sale, take a deposit
#4. Get workers started, do NOT pay a deposit
#5. Repeat
#6 Add additional qualified staff as needed to solve specific needs AS THEY ARISE (different clients, bookkeeping, whatever)
***as you see, "starting" or "owning" a creative agency is a completely different daily job than BEING a creative worker. Do NOT own an agency if you just want to do creative work, there are other ways to increase your pay per day if that's your only goal... but if you want to own a business and create free time while increasing your income- then give up on wanting to do creative work itself and learn to execute the entrepreneurial process I layed out and read "Built To Sell"

Answered 3 years ago

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