How can I start writing a blogpost?

I am a recovered anorexic and would like to help millions of others to recover from its clutches. Also, I would like to make money on the side to support my family.


Congrats on fighting anorexia and beating it!
Unlike others, you are asking the right question. How to write a blog comes before creating a website, making money from it, or anything else. So, here are a couple of suggestions:
1) Start by researching what's out there already.
2) Keep a pen and notebook at your side while doing that.
3) Note what all has already been covered and to what depth.
4) While doing research, you will note lapses. Sometimes, content won't be enough. Sometimes, info will be half cooked. I think you got the drift. This will give you topics to cover that other has missed or haven't covered thoroughly.
5) Blogging is no longer limited to text. In fact, text based are slowly taking a backseat. They are being replaced by vlogs (video blogs). So, I would recommend checking Youtube for the content you want to create.
6) See what anorexia content creators are selling. See if they really have value or you can plan something people would like to pay for. It can be a PDF guide, access to video lessons, personal diet, etc.

Long story short, do your homework.

There are tons of things you can do to get blogging right. It is a crowded place but if you find a niche, then, there certainly is big money there. Trust me, I have been written blogs that sold for $400 a piece.
Here are two resources I think will help you down the line:
Best of luck!

Answered 5 years ago


Thank you for your question.

Please allow me to be very frank...

There is basically two ways to approach this:

1. Build a "clickbait" and SEO ruled blog and cramp it up with affiliate links, adSense and popups. Oh and dont forget your obligatory "get my free ebook - CTA" (medium time invest - potentially rather small revenue)

2. Be pacient. Be authentic. Provide real value from your personal experience. This is the longer shot. However if you concentrate only on "highest value content that actually helps others" and "growing a thankful tribe" you will be able to monetize your blog later on much better. (longer time invest - potentially full income and more)

If you want to make some "cheap" and "fast" cash you should consider the first option or look for another solution to make money online (as there are better ways).

If you actually want to build a sustainable business that actually provides value - please choose the second path.

If you ever have any question or you wish for more input / support on how to grow a blog, Im looking forward to talk to you in more detail.

Keep up the hustle!


Answered 5 years ago

Hi There!

This is such a great question. You've already received some great advice on the blog logistics end, from the prior answers, so I thought I might take a different approach... how do you start generating your content? My advice is...

First, be generous with yourself. Be kind with yourself. Being vulnerable is the strongest, most brave look we can flaunt, honestly. Especially when talking about our struggles.

As you sit to write (or visually share) your story, there are some great tricks to rev your engine: Write your blog like it's a letter: to a friend or loved one, to an imaginary soul, a spirit, to you in the past or you in the future--whoever brings an energy to you that allows you to be open and expansive and kind to yourself--write your post to them. You can even delete the "Dear So & So" bits once your done. Sometimes, when we write in a formal setting or for a public audience, we go stiff. Writing to a loved one can break that open, and then we just delete the evidence later, if we feel like it.

Also, don't forget that you can include pictures. These can go beautifully with words--maybe you will meditate on an image and write a few lines on that, and then jump to another. This creates a visually engaging blog and another way to keep generating content.

Other prompts: What do you wish someone had told you? What unintentionally harmful statements do (unknowing) people say to those managing an eating disorder? What can you tell us all to be more thoughtful about? And how can that show someone who is dealing with an eating disorder, a little kindness and connection?

If you don't like carrying pen and paper, use the note function on your phone--make a folder called "blog" and whenever you have a fragment of a thought--a beautiful sentence, a topic idea, put it there. You can open it later when you are ready to sit down and work. This way, inspiration can strike whenever, but work time will always be front-loaded with notes to build off.

Good luck! This sounds like a great project.

Answered 5 years ago

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