Where is a good place to find sales job applicants like the more experienced AEs, outside sales, inside sales reps?

I'm looking for a watering hole or job board. I've already got the basics like Indeed, Linkedin and Weworkremotely.


While job boards can be a beneficial resource, if you are looking for individuals with experience and a high rate of success your best bet to fill positions will be via networking. High level sales reps are in constant demand across all industries which means they are being fished rather than doing the fishing. Most high level reps are recruited by other companies while employed and do not frequent the job boards as often as entry-level or associate reps. To get started with this approach, think about who you do business with? Who is your banker, who is your insurance rep, who sold you your car, etc. All of these individuals have careers that are dependent upon successful networking and if they sold you, they are a good person to chat with because they will know other qualified individuals. Also, they are likely to know who may not be overly happy in their current job.

Answered 6 years ago

Hi, you may want to attend trade shows pertaining to your industry. Top reps attend industry shows in search of new product channels. Without knowing what you are offering, the recommendation I've made will enable you to secure strong candidates. Specific information on building a sales team and developing their infrastructure can be provided after more detail from you on a call. I've been number one in national and regional sales and I have built three successful national sales teams. Even highly experienced sales people need the right resources to be effective closers and I can help you get your sales closed and your personnel off to the most beneficial start.

Answered 6 years ago

I’d recommend using LinkedIn. It’s where you’ll find the highest quality sales talent. The hard part is knowing who’s on the job market.

I’d conduct the search on LinkedIn and then either scrape the profile data (first and last name, and company) or use LinkedInHelper to auto connect with candidates.

If you going the scraping route, I have a guy I can get you in touch with the sells the scrapper for $150. Just direct message me. Once you have the CSV file of 1,000 potential candidates, upload it to Toofr to get the candidate emails. Then use Mixmax or Outreach to mass email them. Keep the email short. Ask them if they are on the job market or know of anyone on the job market in sales (offer a $500 referral bonus).

The other option is to use LinkedInHelper to auto connect with candidates. You can add a customized message with the auto connect using LinkedInHelper. Once the candidate accepts the invite respond promptly to set up a call.

Use the free HubSpot CRM or Trello to manage your candidate pipeline. Use Hubspots meeting schedule or Calendy or ScheduleOnce to schedule interviews.

Check out the book Top Grading for Sales— there’s lots of good information on how to source and vet top sales people.

In my opinion, it’s a numbers game with sales hiring. Start with a wide funnel and narrow it down quickly through Top Grading. Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

LinkedIn is probably the best place to look - you can also subscribe to their Premium service and see who is actively looking for a job as well.

Outside of this the best place is your own network. Connecting and building relationships with a broad range of people and actively helping them solve their own issues will make them receptive to helping you solve yours.

Lastly you can check in with Recruitement Agents who specialise in the fields you are looking for. Most have a bank of candidates who are actively looking for roles.

Answered 6 years ago

Hi! LinkedIn is the best place to find people for all profiles. I have used it to find some sales professional myself.

You could use Reflik too if you want to outsource recruitment.

Try searching for candidates who are already familiar with the profile and industry that you are looking for.

I am not sure who is recruiting in your organisation but a sales role requires a lot of patience and research and just outsourcing might not help. You may need to dedicate a resource to find the right person.

Answered 6 years ago

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