As a young entrepreneur we are always questioned to our capabilities of running a company and with significant research regarding good and bad leadership trends it will allow me to inform and prepare myself for a team behind me.

There is really no simple answer to your question the way you have phrased it. Many times we look for a trend or process to manage people when in reality it really boils down to relationships and how one manages their commitments.

As a certified John Maxwell team coach I would be open to discussing the details with you on a scheduled call but in the mean time here are some hints:

1. It starts with Passion but has components of belief involved. Can you demonstrate a committed passion for your business or products?
2. Do people around you feel and understand the vision, strategy and mission that you have developed?
3. Do you have established values that can be demonstrated?
4. What kind of expectations do you have anyone people you hire? Are the reasonable and allow for some input from the individuals so you can ensure engagement.
5. I would suggest you look for and hire a coach to take you to the next level.



Answered 8 years ago

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