As a young entrepreneur we are always questioned to our capabilities of running a company and with significant research regarding good and bad leadership trends it will allow me to inform and prepare myself for a team behind me.

Your question and your question detail are quite different.

First, your question: The most important leadership trend is that the nature of leadership is changing. People want more autonomy and less oversight and direct management.

Do you currently have a team? By the details you provided, it sounds like you are asking this question in hopes of being prepared to lead *when* you have a team, not asking about the team you have to date.

Either way, leadership is much like parenting. Everyone has an opinion of how you should do it, but you will do what feels right to you, which is a process of much experimentation and feedback.

Don't overthink the issue of leadership, especially in very small teams and companies.

I'm happy to talk to you about specific issues you're dealing with or worried about to provide you very direct responses to those concerns.

Answered 9 years ago

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