What are some good selling techniques?


A good Selling technique is do not go in right away to the benefit or technical stuff. First state your intention. Ex. Hi john, I'm calling you today because i believe our service can help you increase your sells. then ask How is your sales team doing are they motivated enough to make sales? are they making enough calls? poke and prod and talk about your service.

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1. Whether cold selling by phone or in-person or warm lead referral sales start by having the prospect state their pain points. Listen carefully to identify how your service or product can help. If you can't don't bluff, failed delivery can spread rapidly by word of mouth. 2. Know exactly who is your core customer. Everyone is not your customer. Narrow the field to prevent wasting time and missing out on income. 3. Define communicating your value proposition. Practice relating the key points that make your product or service effective. Avoid hype and superlative language and focus on those things you can deliver well. Continued success and if you need a detailed strategy for sales success, let's talk. My value - I've achieved first position in national sales against 99 others (l entered the list at number 5). I have built 3 successful sales teams. I have successfully identified, developed and closed new lead channels. Want more sales success schedule a call today.

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First be sold on your product or service. Would you buy or use it yourself? If not it will be very difficult to sell it to a customer.

Then have a genuine interest in the person you are selling to. You are not trying to screw them you are trying to provide for their needs. Find out what they need and provide. If what they need is not what you offer reccomend something else.

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Firstly , The most important thing what are you selling. Identify the key features of your product its main strengths.Secondly identify the correct prospects to whom you should sale it Otherwise all efforts will be useless. Just think who is possible buyer keeping in mind few things
1 Your product or service is fit for a person. Example if you want sale a beauty cream you must go to girls of age 16-40 who can buy it or a Car value of 100000 $ to a businessman having good turnover yearly
2 The forum or the way to reach out to your targeted audience.
Door to Door, Online through digital marketing, Through TV Radio etc.
3 Whenever you pitch some one . Make strong entrance which can create an interest

Do you want to be look more beautiful than your friends?
Do you want to become million dollar business ?

Conclude and suggest that the product best fit for a customer.
4 Identify how your product give value to a buyer and why he should buy

All the above mentioned points will help you , Trust me , I have been doing million Dollar IT sales every year Using these techniques

Answered 6 years ago

There isn't a lot of details in this question, so I'll be making some assumptions here.

1) Have a clear focus on WHO you're targeting. This is the #1 biggest mistake I see businesses/sales make. Going after everyone is the quickest way to low conversions and poor morale.

2) Have a clear list of qualifying criteria for who you'll be targeting/speaking to. If you sell with proposals for example, proposals take a lot of time, you should have a clear list of criteria for who you'll send a proposal to and who you won't.

Spend most of your time working out #1 and #2 before doing anything else.

3) Ask questions about the prospect/client's business and then let them answer. The key to better sales is asking good questions.
e.g. why are you considering product/service ABC? What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now with this issue? What would be the cost to you to leave this challenge unresolved? What have you tried in the past? etc

4) It's not about your product or service. Once you've asked the questions and received enough answers, prescribe like a doctor, how/why your product/service helps the prospect/client's issues.

5) Never make assumptions. Instead of cold-calling or cold-messaging a prospect and saying "Need help with your sales? etc" that's a bad way to start (I get tons of these types of messages). Why is this bad? It assumes the prospect is not doing well without even knowing their business at all. It's presumptuous.

Instead, offer a complimentary diagnostic/assessment of their business or whatever area you focus on. This shows you want to understand their business and possibly prescribe something that makes sense for them vs just assuming everyone needs/wants what you're offering.

6) If you get a good response to your approach, don't forget to follow-up, follow-up, follow-up

7) Sales is not about changing someone's mind from No to Yes. It's about getting in front of the right people who already want to say Yes, your job is to make sure they say Yes to you.

Answered 6 years ago

the world class sales professional, always starts from the need of the customer, and this requires from you:
1- be prepared and understand the customer business very well and his position in the market through people and internet
2- define the right persons to go to
3- understand the purchasing cycle and stage
4- be skillful how to ask right questions and use right conversation to let your customer to express explicit need
5- get the commitment
6- build a credibility more
7- have a coach to help you once you got stock somewhere.
anyhow, all of these steps are an art of Selling Skills set by Miller Heiman Group, where I am working as Sales consultant .. Best Regards

Answered 6 years ago

You should learn the 2nd-Chance-Method. It's not really a Method, just about relationships and giving people the chance to return and buy. Most Sales people tend to sink and jump, if they see a No!-Face. Don't do that! No makes you better. Now, what are you going to do knowing that?

Answered 6 years ago


• you get what you want when you help enough other people get what they want
• so what does your prospect REALLY WANT? (hint - not features and benefits of your product)
• you've already lost if you use the word "I" - say "you" instead (no one cares about you, they care about themselves)
• this has been a HUGE game changer for me - position yourself upfront for getting a Heck Yes! or Not Now response before the end of THIS CALL - not a "I'll think about it" - Dan Lok does this great learn from him here
• ask for the sale!!!!!!

Many more but gotta run...

- Daniel
// helping winners win more by doing less, better

Answered 6 years ago

I am expereinced with many kinds of sales situations and know that HOW you deliver the message is often more important than what the message is.
As far as details go, the answer depends to a degree on what kind of product or service you are selling, at what price level (2 figures or 7?) and how (personal sales pitch, telephone, text).
Here are some general remarks first regarding pitches.
1) Address the customer's situation - whether his business or personal situation. Show him that you "get" him and can speak his language.
2) Convince him of your expertise - he needs to know that you know what you are talking about.
3) Show him: a) Why he should buy now, b) What's in it for him and c) Why you/your product is the best choice.
4) Show him what your commitment to him is.
5) Tell him how he should make a decision.
6) Stick to your guns - you have something of value and you are not willing to do everything and anything to make the sale.
If you are actually speaking to your prospect, there are a number of techniques you can apply to most situations.
1) Listen to him carefully and identify words he uses that have meaning to him so that you can...
2) Repeat these words back to him exactly, in the exact order if possible. This is called "Pacing".
3) Mirror his body language whenever you can - not immediately or exactly, but close enough. This is called "Mirroring"
With pacing and mirroring you give him the subconscious imperssion taht you "get" him and that you are alike.
4) Greet him with a genuine smile and smile whenever the situation allows. Smiles elicit smiles, and smiling causes a feeling of happiness.
5) Maintain good eye contact. Comfortable eye contact, but contact that is more frequent and is held longer than people normally do.
This communicates confidence, honesty and genuine interest in him.
6) When not mirroring, maintain open, relaxed body language.
NLP (neurolinguistic programming) offers other related techniques.
I've just scratched the surface!
Interested? Then contact me!

Answered 5 years ago

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