How should I hire an app developer?

I have an app idea, but not sure how to get started with it. I have been reading a lot of blogs and content but still have few questions: - Shall I hire an app developer or a company? - What should be the total budget? - Time frame?


First, you need to consult with someone who understands the complexity of the app that you request it. This person can be your friends who have background in CS or IT. Usually, people usually hire some freelancer or developer team and you pay it hourly. Once finished, you can just ask those team to migrate the ownership to you and hire some freshgrads in computer to just do maintenance of your app. you can check

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Well, the budget is something that depends on your app's complexity and features. A simple app may cost you less, but a complex app will involve more man hours.

Hiring an agency has it's own benefits. You can rely on them, they can deliver an app on time, test the app thoroughly (as they have dedicated QA teams). On the other hand, Freelancer may cost you less, but may not deliver agency benefits.

In addition to Upwork and Freelancer, you can find reliable companies on The biggest reason of using this site is the company reviews are verified. They conduct telephonic interviews with clients before accepting reviews.

I referred one client to an agency named Apptunix and they were quite good.

I hope it helps. Good luck!

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Hard to define a budget or timeframe without knowing the scope of the project.
It might be better to invest in a contractor UI/UX designer to create screens that will bring your app idea to life visually. Then you can use these wire frames to communicate your idea to a development company or a contractor to get budget and time frame.

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I love upwork ( Have found good developers and graphic designers. Have used the service to connect with these individuals over 20 times.

You might want to create a project called "Scope out app" where someone will write a plan for developing the app and not necessarily help you build it all all. This way when you go back to Upwork you will be able to share with developers exactly what you need.

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Hey Buddy, I've been developing apps since 9 years so I think I can answer your questions -

1. Hire a development instead of an individual, companies are more accountable, have teams, fall back plans and can handle multiple technologies and tasks (like design, front end, backend and so on).

2. Cost depends upon features you need, it can start as low as $ 1500 if you hire an offshore company like us, you may also try calculating some cost range by selecting options and describing your idea on this app cost calculator -

3. Timeframe depends upon features again, though none of the apps I developed in past took more than 10 weeks as for first set of features. The more features you want to involve, the more the cost and time goes up.

This old post might help you as well -

Thank, me later. )

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There's several ways to go about this. I personally suggest if you're looking for elite developers and have a decent budget in place. We also offer a 2 week trial to make sure the developer is a good fit!

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I run a consulting company. We’ve done work for Square and numerous other companies of all shapes and sizes.

1. Hire a person, company will cost you more since their rates “are blended”. That means you are paying more for a company since they include the cost of a project manager, et al.
2. You have to decide your budget. Do you have 5,000? Do you have 10,000$? It’s whatever you’re willing to spend on your initial build. Budget has nothing to do with how much the project costs, it’s what you’re willing to spend.
3. Same as budget, we’ve no clue what you’re idea is about, so can’t even begin to understand how easy or hard it is. We get the cost and time question every single time, there’s no way to get that information until we’ve heard some details.

Good luck. Obviously, we could schedule a call on here if you want to go over that.

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I don't have a ton of experience in this space, but I did go down the road of almost launching an app. The budget you need to launch a successful app right now is enormous. Exact numbers that you need to budget would depend on what exactly you are trying to do. The cheapest way to get an app launched right now is to do a web based application, especially if the app does not need specific hardware to run. Having a web based app eliminates the need to build an app specifically for IOS and Android. The cost all depends on how many hours the developers have to put in for the app, how many pages, and how difficult the project will be. You also have to figure in costs to retain a developer to fix bugs and push updates to the app.

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I would say depending how intricate your project is you can hire a freelancer. Most freelancer who develop have portfllios of past work which could be referred back to or a job completion rate score (for freelancers)

Depending on how involved your project is your may not even need to approach a larger company and can have projects completed on a tight budget. Freelance developers trying to make there marks will take on projects within a tight budget. But for tighter timeframes I would look into your more experienced developers or companies.

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Here are the few ways in which you can hire App developer:
1. Hiring an in-house team: The first option is to hire an app developer internally. Based on your project, you may find that one developer is not enough. An app development team usually consists of 5-7 professionals like the Quality Assurance Engineer, Project Manager, iOS and/or Android mobile app developers, backend developer, and the UX/UI Designer to cover all areas needed to develop a great application.
2. Hiring a local boutique team: Another option, which in fact saves you a considerable amount of time for the organizational process, is to hire app developers from a local boutique company. The average rate to hire an app developer in the US ranges from $100-$150 per hour.
3. Check up on body shop companies: Along with the growth of the global IT market, lots of shady development firms have appeared. These teams typically provide low-priced app development services. This article explains how you can identify a great vendor to whom you can outsource your app development.
4. Services of dedicated mobile app development agencies: Finally, you can turn to dedicated mobile app development teams. At the same time, depending on the region, these teams can have a particularly good correlation between the price and quality. For instance, Eastern Europe is well-known for its highly capable mobile app developers. Moreover, these firms usually have a long-running history, 10 years of app development outsourcing experience with developers that are in-house employees.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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It's great that you're eager to turn your app idea into reality. Hiring the right app developer is a crucial step, and here are some considerations to help you navigate the process:

1. Individual Developer vs. Development Company:
Individual Developer: Suitable for smaller projects or if you prefer a more hands-on approach. Ensure they have a diverse skill set covering both iOS and Android development.
Development Company: Ideal for comprehensive projects. Companies often have teams with varied expertise, providing a holistic solution for both platforms.

2. Budget Considerations:
The total budget depends on the complexity of your app, features, and the experience level of the developer or company.
Consider ongoing maintenance costs and potential updates post-launch.
Research the average hourly rates for developers in your target region to estimate costs.

3. Time Frame:
The development timeline varies based on app complexity and features.
Ensure you discuss a realistic timeframe with your developer or development company.
Incorporate buffer time for potential revisions, testing, and unforeseen challenges.
- iOS and Android Development:
Opting for a developer or company experienced in both iOS and Android development is beneficial for a broader user reach (Like this one:
Cross-platform development frameworks like React Native or Flutter can streamline the process, allowing for simultaneous development for both platforms.

Tips for Hiring:
- Check Portfolios: Review previous work to assess the developer's or company's capabilities.
- References and Reviews: Seek feedback from previous clients to gauge the reliability and quality of their work.
- Communication Skills: Clear communication is vital. Ensure the developer or company understands your vision and goals.

Next Steps:

- Outline Your Requirements: Clearly define your app's features and functionalities.
- Request Quotes: Reach out to potential developers or companies for detailed quotes based on your project specifications.
- Interview: Schedule interviews to discuss your project, gauge compatibility, and assess their understanding of your vision.

Remember, transparency and open communication are key throughout the hiring process. Feel free to ask any more questions as you navigate this exciting journey!

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