How can my company be venture funded or get loans for a U.S. small business LLC if the owner is non-US resident?

No SSN and credit score for LLC and owner available, just business model and good standing LLC.


Most likely the best way to get funded in this situation is to approach independent investors. It would really depend on your business plan and whether or not you have an attractive business model. You could try to get connected with networks or consultants that have access to independent investors such as chambers of commerce, or consulting firms Global Strategy Consulting Services, LLC or you could email and someone will respond with ideas on how to get you funded.

Answered 6 years ago

I can help you with this you should go onto USPTO and search for the business also the number is 1800-786-9199

Answered 5 years ago

If you are trying to raise capital through private financing, the residency of the owner of the LLC is generally not a factor. The larger US bank and financial institutions will have an issue with the LLC being a nonresident. It is easier to borrow funds if the LLC is taxed as a C corporation, or if you setup a traditional corporation rather than a single member LLC.

Answered 4 years ago

An SBA loan is the only Traditional business loan option that can work for a new startup opportunity. However, this is a government backed loan and it requires you to have a green card or be a permanent resident, That said, you may have a partner that does have a green card or is a permanent resident own 51% or more of the business, while you own 49% or less ---- in this case, the SBA lenders will make exception for you. The SBA Standard of Operations will allow for this situation to move forward. Alternatively, you may also consider using other means of financing to include: private loans/peer-to-peer lending, home equity lines of credit (be careful how you navigate this though), Retirement 401k type financing (called the Rollover for Business Startup Program), and/or Portfolio Loans if applicable.

Answered 4 years ago

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