How to find a solid project/startup to join at early stages in Silicon Valley?

I’m a full-stack developer with +10 experience in web and some mobile development. I’m an immigrant and I don’t have a network in SV at all. What is the best way to find good business people with good ideas? Any concrete resource recommendations are welcomed.


Number one way is talk to people in your network, they don't have to be in SV. You might be surprised who actually knows who, once you start asking. Outside of that you can try looking on platforms like and or use, hope this helps!

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Answered 6 years ago

In addition, you can google for websites such as cofounderlab - and more

Answered 6 years ago

also check on websites such as Crunchbase and But I agree with others posting that working in Silicon Valley is definitely not necessary and in fact you should optimize your search for working at a startup based on cost of living and competitiveness in the job market. Check out networking sites like "Built In" and others to see what local networking events are going on and go and meeting folks looking for technology talent to join their team.

Answered 6 years ago

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