What should be my strategy to close interests and leads?

My current company has worked on a product that connects tutors and student/parents on one platform and allows them to have one to one live streaming sessions/group classes. The company aims to pitch the same product to different verticals like doctors/lawyers/financial advisors etc. We have a dedicated marketing team to generate leads by PPC campaign. My question is what should be my approach to close them? What documents or collaterals I should keep handy?


First of all, it sounds like you have a great idea with a positive impact.

To your question:

Make sure to include a chat option in whatever page you have clicked-through from your PPC. In addition, what information are you able to capture on your landing page (that I presume clicks through)? I'd highly recommend including a phone number. Whatever info you do capture, make sure to follow up as soon as possible (within 10 minutes ideally). I'm happy to share more next steps from here.

Answered 6 years ago

The ideal scenario is where you define the role and objective of each conversation.

For example, your PPC leads would lead into a conversation around a value proposition looking to solve one very real problem (need or interest) for a specific vertical among those options.

When that conversation occurs, and you come out having provided what they were looking for, then you can invite them into a deeper engagement, which may be to open a trial membership for a set period of time.

Once they do that, you can engage with them mid-way through their trial to get their impressions, and measure whether they are likely to become a full paid member.

After that, you engage through onboarding and making sure everything goes smoothly.

This is a stair-step model to take people from barely knowing about you, and ease them into becoming a paid client.

Answered 6 years ago

Hi I am a strategic consultant and run a corporate training company . There should be a process that should be followed to close the leads generated by the Marketing team . The documentation plays very important role as it defines the depth of the company .Keep the process of registration simple and easy as that would be the initial interaction of the clients on the portal . Second , make the payment process simple and easy . The collaterals should have details on the solution offerings and commercials for the online engagement and differenciator to other competitor sites. There could be more strategies that could be applied to launch a successful site and ask specific questions to have sales closure . We could define a specific sales process to increase the possibility of closure . We could have a call to discuss the sales process and define path for faster closure.

Answered 6 years ago

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