How can we make a great strategy for early adopters to use and sell my product for SMB on a industry like human resources?

We have some issues for sell one to one our product thechnology for competency evaluation HR selection for company small without area of human resources, we are looking how we find the right strategy for adoptation and revenew digital that help us to escale after.


To formulate a strategy that is a match for the outcome you are trying to accomplish we would have to further understand your business model, the issues you are encountering, and many other business specific questions.

I would love to help and talk further about this.

Answered 6 years ago

Heh I have an entire division of my business based around this idea. People create an idea in isolation and then realize nobody wants it!

There's a specific strategy for doing so, and I help these product creators reorient their marketing to (here's the hint:) tie in with what their target market already believes.

From what you shared, my interpretation is:

> you haven't gotten specific enough on your target market, at least the INITIAL niche

> you haven't figured out the value equation

> your marketing message doesn't match up with what the people you wish would buy actually believe.

I have to tell you, most product creators in your position fail. Well, it ain't gonna be a cheap or fast fix, but it can be done.

Answered 6 years ago

I would use a cold outreach approach for this. First I would define the target audience, in your case it's people in the HR department.

I would narrow it down to company size, demographics, and more to further define your target.

Then I would use a company like to help you find highly targeted and qualified HR leads.

Lastly, I'll set up cold emailing campaigns followed by cold calls.

Answered 6 years ago

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