How do you source eBay resellers?

I have a lot of inventory to sell. I need ebay sellers who will work for 50/50 split. Any advice on finding


I was an eBay trading assistant and they still have them.

What you can do is access the eBay trading assistant program on The page lets you search for eBay resellers in your local geographic area, but better, you don't have to pay them 50/50. The eBay trading assistants usually make between 25 and 37%, so don't feel like you need to pay them 50%.

I hope this helps.

I would be glad to take you through the program if you are interested.


Answered 9 years ago

Actually the trading assistant program was just discontinued.

I would be glad to consult with you on other options for how connect with other sellers and liquidate your inventory. Just sign up for a Clarity session and we can discuss.

Warm Regards,

Suzanne A. Wells

Answered 9 years ago

A lot of eBay sellers source inventory from sites like

You can also take a look at

Hope this helps.

Answered 8 years ago

As a former eBay entrepreneur, one of the biggest things that would appeal to me was someone who would be willing to hold the inventory. I had the traffic and the sales copy to make something sell, but did not want to pony up several thousands of dollars on inventory that may or may not have sold.

Here is a simple "hack" to find the top sellers selling in your product category.
1. At the ebay search, click on "advanced search." Select "Find Stores" on the left hand side (or go to
2. Click stores with matching items.
3. Type in the most generic, but relevant term. Results will be ordered strictly by the most matching items for that term. From there, spend time also narrowing down the list with specific terms like the item's brand. Keep in mind that not all matching items are related. For instance typing "cat" might product products for the animal or the earth-moving company.

Spend time checking out the stores using this criteria:
1. How many reviews have they had in the past year? Although I was more diligent in getting reviews, I still only received them for about 1 out of 3 buyers.
2. What is their average sale price per item? You can see the price of items sold in their reviews.
3. Are the items they sell within your price-point? If your items are too high, they may not want to take on the risk if someone returns the merchandise. If they are too low, it may not be worth their time to sell the items.
4. What is their neutral and negative feedback like? Sellers can't give negative feedback to buyers, so all of this information is relevant to their selling history. See if they responded to any of the feedback they received.
5. What are their detailed seller ratings like?
6. What is there shipping/return policy like?
7. How long have they been on eBay? This can be found by clicking on their store/username. Although not a guarantee that they have the experience to back it up, it is a good sign if they have not just started within the past month or two.

There are many other things to consider, but this is a good list to think about. Once you know the sellers you wish to contact, start reaching out to them to see if they are interested. As you do so, you also want to make sure you evaluate if they can adequately handle the inventory you have, judged by the person, the systems they have in place, and their eBay selling limits.

Personally, I believe after you start looking to sell on eBay and get things going well, I'd look to other online marketplaces like Amazon or Bonanza. The more channels you have, the more potential revenue you can make. This is why Walmart will have pop machines outside their building, in the aisles, and next to the checkout aisle.

Hope that helps! Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like more input!

Answered 8 years ago

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