In the area of cryptocurrencies, can you tell me what an airdrop is?

I'm interested in cryptocurrencies and I've had some difficulties concerning some technical points and some trading vocabulary.


An Airdrop is a free distribution of crypto coins (or tokens) to a number of members ranging from the privileged few to anyone who requests it. This distribution is often carried out by the creator of the token or currency in question. The purpose of this free distribution of tokens is multiple for the company : to make it possible to be known through the advertising of the airdrop, to make it possible to greatly increase the number of users who own and use the token to ensure the sustainability of the company, or to thank its community for their follow-up and their involvement in the project.

If you have other questions don't hesitate to contact myself (for vocabulary you can easily find definitions on Google but for more technical questions it's sometimes more difficult)

Answered a year ago

An airdrop is a token distribution of an specific blockchain cryptocurrency that is awarded to existing users for an specific event

Answered 10 months ago


An AirDrop is when a startup gives away free tokens at the early stages of their Initial Token Sale (ITO) to demonstrate that there is public interest in their sale.

They are often targeted at key opinion leaders and media to encourage coverage and comment.

Mark Walmsley

Answered 8 months ago

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