What is the best platform to build an innovative marketplace?

The marketplace will allow companies to post their goods, services and stores in the marketplace, and the buyers will be able to negotiate prices in real time, 1:1, in privacy, 24/7. It will be automated for sellers.



I would go for a Phoenix framework (backend) / ELM (frontend) based platform.

The use of these two functional languages will allow you to support high user concurrency and to serve real-time user experience.

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There are many platforms to like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Woo-commerce, and many more to build a marketplace. With all features, Magento is the best platform to build a multivendor marketplace. Magento is a popular platform with amazing features and addons. It has an extension called Marketplace that helps you create a powerful multivendor store. Marketplace integrates with Magento to allow vendors to register on your website.

Advantages of the Magento Marketplace:

Very easy installation (compared to competitor solutions).
Ability to set individual commission levels for each vendor.
Separate profiles for each vendor.
Great quality HTML markup.
Easily reachable and pretty responsive support.

Magento Marketplace offers a flexible commission system. It allows you to charge a different commission from each vendor depending on their products. Or, you can fix the commission structure to be the same for all vendors.

Why Magento is Best?

Integration– You can easily integrate Magento with third-celebration web sites and nevertheless run the middle e-commerce functions efficaciously. Fee gateways and delivery offerings work better with Magento.
Features & Tools– Being function-rich and imparting specialized tools are the primary traits of Magento. Whether it is in-constructed SEO other online advertising gear, it takes the attempt out of internet promotion.
Multi-save capacity– Unlike WordPress, you could move past single online stores. Magento offers you the ability to run more than one shop the use of your relied on backend interface. The singular admin panel gives you all the basic records at one location.
Well-Backed– PayPal owns Magento and which in turn is owned by way of eBay. So, you may anticipate heavy investments to maintain its pleasure. It is continuously up to date to meet the developing expectations of the e-commerce industry.
Flexibility– What you get with Magento is a complete-fledged flexible platform with functionality that traverses ordinary standards. Developers can provide solutions that work in accordance with the patron’s business goals.
Search engine optimization friendly– dynamic google sitemap, search engine optimization pleasant URLs, most viewed products, in-constructed content material control device, and SEO capabilities all make Magento a prepared-to-use platform.
Open-source–This open-supply network task guarantees you've got all of the electricity at your fingers. Builders can customize the manner they need. Need to tailor capability as in keeping with your keep’s merchandise? Magento grants that and lots more.

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